Assault hackers and tips 6/24

Yes, there is a possible way. I have done it myself, and have also seen others do it.


I complete a few tier with just linage
It’s a pain but possible


Above harbinger lineages are the way to go imo

If I don’t get the portrait this time imma commit potatocide
Ingy :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah no Potatoes won’t approve, Potatoes and people that is

Red through orange with lineage and without dragons 🤷

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Azrael can do it but it takes alot of effort and time

EDIT: Well it was good while it lasted. Moving down now


Well done! If ONLY I can devolve my Azy! :upside_down_face: :green_heart:

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Man it’s pretty hard if you want good points with divines without boosts heck garnet with dross without boosting was impossible up to base 6 and he’s was only at sapphire. I’m unsure about Necryx at Emerald for garnet but it possibly won’t work when I try it out a little more.

That is far as I have gotten this whole event. With red I gave up on base 6 and just kinnara’d it.


Well I could never go up there! Lolss So far I’m only collecting stuffs from each tiers with maxed dragons! There were tiers I have managed to land top 100 & 500, but we’ll see this weekend! Lolss wouldn’t hurt to TRY! :sweat_smile: :green_heart:

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You had me, right up until time and effort


You need riders for checkpoint 3 on the weaker dragons Hext would need a lot of attack and ammo, Kester with the same thing, and Frig / Leviathon (still don’t know what the rider was for this one)

I believe Dracaron had a video on completing checkpoint 3 with those combos.

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You don’t need a rider tho lol


Are event scores ordered by who got them first, if you have the same score?

Just spend an hour+ working on platinum only to find out I’m tied with (and at the bottom of) 13 other people at the top.

Yes, unfortunately they are


Welp :man_facepalming:

There’s something wrong when there are 13 people tied for first but some people get 15 times the sigils lol


I just really want to attempt maxing assault one day :’)

Assuming the user is not cheating nor hacking, using no method of exploitation, or any other illegitimate way of accumulating points in Assault, what is the maximum possible amount of points one can achieve in each tier?

1950 apparently in lower ranks. The endgame tiers go up to 1.7k - 1.5k points because those bases need gear to even be able to make it possible to get 1.950 points / 1,950 points how people manipulated the points long ago I have no knowledge on other than they must have manipulated the system, I think 1951 and 1952 were the works of hackers somehow