Assault hackers

This has been a recurring theme throughout assault events, we all know those people who magically think that no one will suspect anything if they score 1950, a mathematically impossible score. There are ppl like this every assault event. Although most get banned (I have found 1 person getting 1950s this time around who is using the assault champion portrait) this does not dissuade people and nor are those who played fairly given compensation based upon where they should actually have placed. Thus I would like to ask @PGGalileo to have people look into these higher end scores (maybe everyone in the top 25 or top 40 of each tier) before prizes are given out to make a fair leaderboard. The reason for this wide of a check is because there are hackers sitting on scores other than 1950.


Its IMPOSSIBLE to get 1950, even PG did told me that on a ticket, some already been banned like the Rank 1 player atm, although Pg did not remove him from the leaderboards, so last assault champoin Or not its not possible to get 1950 point in any tier! To get that, u would have to defeat red tier with draco lvl 1 u Think its possible?

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Approve this, not all dragonlord could be that good.

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Even above 1940 is impossible To achieve already

Sorry if this is off topic…but is it even worth it to play assault? It’s different and it works (it does work doesn’t it?) but playing assault would mean cutting into my Atlas time. So…convince me that it’s worth it to play this mini event instead of sniping as Atlas has intended.

It give you 45 gold chest and over 1k sigils along with a bunch of other stuff if you complete all tier so yeah it’s worth it

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It’s worth it only if you enjoy it. But then the same goes for the rest of the game really.


PG doesn’t do anything about cheating lol. They don’t even close or punish the most basic ones. Just accept that they don’t care enough to change it and move on.

If you think they’re going to, then you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed.


:eyes: Bases are incredibly weak this time around. Can’t seem doable :man_shrugging:

Will I be disappointed on Wave 2 when there is a Hunter with Hunter’s Mark?

Hey team, I submitted the hacker issue to our team with some help from the GPF (and this thread) – it seems like some of the hackers’ scores were wiped from this weekend and the hackers banned, so we’re on it.


Thanks for helping us @PGGalileo

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Yes…I dont even need to read the rest of the sentence

What about all the other massive exploits that have been around for years, like the ease of GG and how many of the currencies values are not even checked?

While this is great and all, the massive ones still remain mostly untouched.

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Very happy to see this cleanup happen while the event is still running. Sure there are plenty of exploits that still need addressing, but this one was much easier to spot than most, so I’m happy with actual action being taken.


How realistic is any score of 1900? The global leader has several tiers over 1900. Seems kind of hard to believe. I worked my butt off this event and become obsessive compulsive over certain tiers and flew the same tier many times trying to eek out an extra 10 points here and there. Probably used 1000 energy and I’m just outside the top 100

Thank you @PGGalileo for at least looking into it, but might be more people that need to be checked…

1900 is possible
I get 1906 in green base with a 1st lv of green tier dross and enki

Agree with you bud scores above 1900 are def possible (think u mean noss btw). That said, I do think though that scores above 1920 should be checked each tier though. Scores around 1900 already require a dragon whose ap is close to 1/20th the base’s dp.

I agree. Over 1920 is incredibly suspicious hopefully pg keep on checking to make sure no more cheaters left this time.
Last time they missed a few that still survive until this event
And it’s actually dross i just got him a bit to get a key to get hauhezen on first day of week 6

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I think I meant to say above 1900 in multiple tiers. I know where you and @Dracaron are score wise and they are legit awesome scores​:raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2: I actually think Drac should be crowned event winner. I also noticed when I went back in some of the upper 1900 scores are now gone on some tiers, so maybe PG is actively reviewing scores now.

1900 seems incredibly unrealistic, I used noelle with no rider and beat the entire gold tier and only got 1800. Noelle had 1/5 the ap and barely made it through