Assault leadership rank compromised

How do we know or how can we be sure the points showing and the players leading this event didn’t use the bug to get at least 1 point? So I think the prices and the leadership rank should be removed from this event. Because what about the players that didn’t use the bug to earn their points? They didn’t know about this. Are they gonna get something too because they played fair

I’d doubt much happens. It will be like the steroids era of baseball. Well just look the other way and we will get a free dragon shield and evasion consumable for our trouble. :woman_facepalming:t4:

What burns me is that using war cry was a reasonable strategy … even without the bug. Several different dragons could use it to set up followers. But now that’s gone.


I’d put forward a few thoughts here:

  1. We can’t be sure of that. As I recall, though, PG usually screens at least the top ranks for cheaters, so those who cheated will probably be removed - or at least those that really benefited heavily from cheating.

  2. Removing everyone who may have used the bug would be hard, I suspect. While I don’t have a background in this sort of thing, I expect it might be difficult to identify and remove everyone who might have used the bug “to get at least 1 point.”

    Do you think they can easily differentiate between players who, say, used Cav and then followed with Death Gaze, versus players who used Cav and then followed with a hunter one-shotting everything?

  3. A sweeping removal of everyone who might have used the bug “to get at least 1 point” would basically ban anyone who - knowingly or unknowingly - used a dragon with war/battle cry at any time. Given how many people likely used Cav, or even just Kelsis, that’s probably a large portion of the playerbase.

  4. Of all the possibilities, I don’t see “getting something because they played fair” as a thing, unless PG does a gamewide gift. As for “didn’t know about this,” heck, I didn’t know about this, and I used Cav all throughout garnet. Even some of the expert flyers out there, like Kate, used Cav at one point (though she didn’t need a cleaner dragon like I did).

    Should I be spared, as someone who didn’t know about it until PG posted on the forums, or banned as someone who could theoretically have benefited from it, or what? What if I redid the bases without Cav, or with him after the spell was disabled?

…basically, the situation is a mess. I suspect PG will identify and ban the players who obviously took advantage of the bug (e.g. perfect scores on every base of every tier), and leave the rest alone, because trying to pick out the details for every player is too much work and would have a high rate of false positives.


The bug was posted on forums from 5.1

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Well i only see one single way to be solve this and is not a good one :joy:. Since I don’t think PG is going to look at every single account. The OP has a good point. But :man_shrugging:

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Right, I was using Cav as my setup to burn down mage towers and War Cry my next attacker. Usually Pathox - Surt. I didn’t even know about the bug until it was posted in game. 2 weeks without a pretty damn useful spell. I keep War Cry in inventory to equip when I need it. (War anyone???)

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Exactly. Another huge bug with no clear fix in sight.

And as for bans - to ban people for exploiting this is shaky to me. Yes they had an advantage but whose fault was it?

As for making this right - really, come on. I hate to add to the chorus of negativity but I’ve encountered as others several huge bugs and have not gotten anything close to what I lost.

All I see is over and over the three part response.

We are working on it
Thanks for understanding

I’m getting rather tired.

We already have a fix on the way, but it will not be ready until our next Version releases, which should be around mid-July. - Spell Update - Battle / War Cry

Looks pretty in sight to me :thinking:

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Not if you cover your eyes :see_no_evil:

It is almost like, like, umm, like a CYCLE, or something!!! Yeah. That’s the ticket. Yeah. War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion
And endless circle of “stuff.”.

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