Assault not working

Yay another event with bugs and glitches. Can’t attack any other tier than red. @PGGalileo when can we expect to actually play events without massive fails?

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Yep same here, can’t change tier

Thanks, looking into it.


Good please do

Awesome, thanks a lot!
(you can ignore my PM then :grin:)

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when we asked for more stability, having EVERY event glitched was not was we meant…


Just came to check. Same issue here



Hey there, having issues with events actually means that the PG peeps are working on something, which is always a good thing in my book. May it be for better or worse, they’re working on it. That means a lot on a game of that age. And I appreciate this fact a lot to be honest :man_shrugging:t2:

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Same for me the team i am on and some cant even attack the red tier.

Yes and you guys are doing great so far. Let’s go for a third week so I can finally uninstall.

Yep me too, can only attack red tier.

Yup pvp failed multiple times and we had bugs with troops train event now we have bugs with assault

I actually laughed out loud. Perfect response :smile:


Glad I wasn’t the only one who laughed at that!!

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Can we have another glitchy event so i just finally had enough and quit along with my team


Thx @PGGalileo

fyi, I’m also not seeing any Team Achievement rewards for Breeding yet… that may be a different thread, or maybe I’m wrong, but my team has met some of the requirements for the rewards and we are sitting at 0/8 for some reason.

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nevermind on the Team Achievement comment… I see you already have that one in your list. sorry for the duplicate.

Consistently something :roll_eyes:

Ngl, that was a brilliant response