Assault or Dungeons

So from the Q&A stream yesterday it seems like dungeons is going to become a more permanent feature of the game rolling forward. However they’re reviewing and revisiting the form assault may or may not take if/when it comes back.

So I was wondering if the forum going community in their current forum which event you prefer?

  • Assault
  • Dungeons

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I actually like them both, but for challenging and an ability to use all of our old dragons I give my vote to the Assault :star2:

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Dungeons should be the priority IMHO and tuned up with rewards and difficulty, so that we can run relevant, modern dragons for better practice. I’m not keen on Dungeons showing up for PvP though. Minor events feels better.

Assault should replace quests at the right times but I think it needed more work.

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  • Pretty design
  • Development offers potential for different map designs
  • New type of boss towers are interesting


  • Not challenging - any dragon for any tier
  • Limited by level, not skill
  • Keys regenerate at a glacial rate, severely limiting playability
  • Not particularly rewarding



  • Challenging
  • Encourages the use of different strategies, spells, and dragon combinations
  • Encourages discussion of/sharing of tactics and ideas for clearing tough levels
  • Good rewards
  • Rewards linked to performance, not level or rubies spent
  • Energy regens/can be replaced at reasonable rates


  • Same map as main game
  • Some debate over where difficulty should be
  • Limited by breeding tier
  • Gear/riders/runes create a wide difficulty gap for players, even with the same dragons

Conclusion: Assault is better right now, but Dungeons have some good potential.


See whilst I am strongly in favour of assault it’s not that I think dungeons is a bad idea at all but I feel it’s further away from being a fun enjoyable rewarding event at the moment.

This makes me frustrated when I hear that they’re planning to mothball assault till 2020 while pressing on with dungeons.


Happy Cake day!

I have the reverse opinion but then I don’t care much about my old dragons plus I want efficient resources and care less about a portrait and bragging rights on defeating difficult bases but I don’t begrudge those who do.

Too bad it feels like PG had to make a choice, but at the end of the day, I’d rather see them fix the economy and Atlas before rolling out 2 more game modes.


How is this even a question? ASSAULT!

Dungeons was pretty and it was something to do between events but the bases were really easy and the prizes were pretty mediocre if you have atlas. I appreciate the work that went into it but it seems like a whole lot of work for something that was rather MEH.

Assault was FUN. Yes a few of the bases were crazy strong for their tier (Im looking at you Blue 6 and Platinum 5 and 6) but it took actual skill and the prizes were fair for the skill required. It was fun sharing strategies on how to get through them with other players. Hell, even LC stopped with a lot of the usual BS drama and was mostly about the event.



Dungeons were fun and I enjoyed them, even if the tiers I was able to do were very easy to do. The idea behind it is solid though.

Assault was the most fun I have had in a long time in the game. It’s one of the few times I’ve needed to even think about my gameplay. That and there is a genuine sense of pride people can get from doing something few others can that has been absent for a while. Hell having one or two bases that were just vicious was great. I think it was the last blue base but man! That was a blast getting through. Tough. But it felt great to beat it

If I had to choose. I’d like assault. But both, given a little balancing, are good additions


I’m not a big spender and I have Atlas. I also don’t have the time to expert all my dragons, and so I found Dungeons a more thrilling experience for me than Assault.

I think the main issue is this question when it comes to comparing the two. “Casual or Competitive”

Dungeons is/was a more casual set up, while Assault focused more on the competitive side.

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I had such a good feeling after killing that bastard of a base with Chunk and Dodo. I remember cheering afterwards.


Gold chests + Challenge vs Beautiful Track


put assault rewards in dungeons and done, only one extra event left🤷‍♂️


Honestly the lack of challenge in dungeons relates to the rewards you get. If you want assault level rewards you have to have that difficulty. But at least the regen rate for attacks is much better in assault

then just make dungeons more challenging n give better rewards🙃

Considering the Dungeons map broke main game I am not entirely impressed. :joy: I would take the good rewards and compelling gameplay over a game-breaking cosmetic any day.

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Dungeons was boring, I did all 20 of them with Orthoraptor and barely touched the screen as pet killed everything basically. No challenge, no fun. Pointless addition to the game. Assault was fun and challenging. Bring it back.

Dungeons could easily be reworked with similar decent rewards and be just as challenging plus dragon tier restrictions so they’re fun and challenging… plus actually rewarding to do.

I’d also like to see where you can bring backup of 1 or 2 players, who are also restricted by tiers. So to beat Platinum Dungeon you can have your 3 dragons + 2 backers Platinum dragons and create some team work and fun to try and take down an overpowered base.

Having said that, dungeons is better than nothing and a step in the right direction with creating new content for us, so thanks for that and keep up the good work!


Sorry if this is mentioned above but I like assault simply for the fact that dungeons totally cripples gameplay (slow turns…tower ranges…etc) looks like dungeons is turned on cause gameplay seems messed up right now


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