Assault Red 6 video

Here’s the final run I did for red 6. I didn’t get the chance to record too many but here’s one at least. Ask and you shall receive @MaxBoros.


Nice flying, time to save this for next assault lol

:rofl::rofl: for sure man. Hopefully they change the layout but I think it’s been the same for awhile


The rate of hunter shots being 3-5 nearly at once is insane.

With the riders and such it’s not a direct fly these dragons for a great score.

Secondly, seeing and doing are two different things, think of all the how to Hau videos and all that still just can’t pull it off.

Third, with Kastor in front I see a score of less than 438/450, still leaving points on the table. Room for improvement next Assault?


Theoretically yes, but unless you have unmakes dragons it isn’t happening lol

Awesome flying, Dracaron! Great job using multiple weak dragons. I tend to try to kill with a single dragon. Doesn’t work as well. Got 1453 on red, and came in #270 globally. But will try your tactics next time!


Seeing this reminds me of how I suck at perfectly flying hunters … guess I’m going into “the cone of shame” now.

I did have the intended idea of using Kastor last assault since I normally like traps.

Stealing this for later run :writing_hand::writing_hand:


After watching this video I have concluded that I will make a GPF forum post to directly nerf Dracaron. Flying like this will not be tolerated and we want to make sure enemy teams have a chance at completely out skilling you by quitting at 20%.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: thanks for the vote of confidence.


Absolutely beautiful flying once again! Let me just say, Drac makes it look WAY easier than it actually is :joy: I got to see red 5 (which I’ll be posting on my channel alongside other vids of my own for posterity’s sake, despite them being late), and when I tried replicating it, it definitely didn’t go well for me

I didn’t have the time to nail it - HUGE kudos to Drac for the amazing flying skills! :heart:


Thanks for the shoutout fiery! Yeah there are small nuances that make it difficult even if you’ve seen how to do it. Think this one took me about 7 attempts after I figured out which towers were most prone to supershot. It’s easy to make the flight plan, tough to implement it perfectly lol.


Petition to ban dracaron from competing lol

Shhh. It’s not like I can top everytime lol. I can only use lineage through blue tier before the divines mess everything up lol.


Divines under blue tier help as well

I kinda liked what the burger dude did for emerald tier a few assaults ago (deci challenge that Justin won!) Might want to set up a few per tier with lineage dragons next assault!


They have too much ap normally. Think firefin was the one that was an exception since it could clear by itself.

Bam used only 2 divines soloing each red base.

Gg I loose :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Please consider that the “first” spot in red tier had 1929… 21 points only lost ? And the second like 1920… that seems more then unreal…

So it would make sense to look into them… but i guess this time PG hadnt the time for with GPF.

At least you saw at this video how he did it … and probably with a totall power of over 2k… so that in mind… loosing for sure more points that those 1st did… For me its very weird you know…

Just telling i lost 17 points at first stage with 402 power… and others with less research like 15, should open some eyes… Unless there are dragon nobody know there is…
But still, to destroy a certain tower, it needs attack power as shown.

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