Assault: Reforged and Multi-Event Weeks

A Retired Event Restored Once More!

For those of you who have flown in the world of War Dragons for a little while now, you may remember an old whisper of the Assault or Blackbloods event. Created back in Summer 2017, the Assault event was a mini-PvP events that ran between Monday and Wednesday, allowing players to earn points and increase your overall score. Today, we’re happy to announce the return of this reforged event, complete with new features and strategies!


Recently, we held a Base Layout Nomination contest where players could nominate the toughest basest they believed were in-game. Now that the secret’s out, it should come as no surprise that these nominations were in the works for the Assault event! We’ll have more details about how the chosen players’ base layouts inspired the bases in this event.



Multi-Event Weeks


Assault first began as a solo event, happening Monday through Wednesday in between major, week-long events. The reforged Assault coming this week will move to the week-long cadence, beginning on Wednesday and ending on the following Monday. But that’s not all!


You might be thinking, “Two PvP events in a row? Are you crazy?!” This week not only announces to revival of the Assault event, but also introduces the concept of Multi-Event Weeks.



Multi-Event Weeks will be weeks throughout War Dragons where more than one event is run simultaneously with other events. In the expected event pattern, Breeding would be coming this week instead of a PvP event...and it is! Breeding and Assault will occur simultaneously from Wednesday to Monday. This also means that some changes will take place to how these events interact with one another, and as a solo feature. One of these changes will be to Team Quests, as they will be unavailable during Multi-Event Weeks.


Assault will be a solo event, just like its predecessor, and will not include team prizes or progression points. Instead, team prizes and progression points will appear in the Breeding event (as normal), and Assault adds an extra layer of fun during this relatively low-action week. Once you’ve finished up those breeding tokens and have your favorite new Dragons cooking in the incubator, there isn’t much else to do during a Breeding event. Assault will give players the ability to earn points and other benefits while Breeding takes a back seat.


For this first run of the event, the energy cost will be 2 energy per run.


The Bases in Assault


The Assault event will consist of 84 bases, with 6 bases dedicated to each tier. Just like Temple Raid, players must fly a Dragon of the same Tier to attack a given base. For example: Blue Tier Dragons can fly against Blue Tier Bases, but Orange Tier Dragons are not eligible. For an added challenge, Dragons from one Tier below are eligible to fly against the Tier above for added points. In this example, a Purple Tier Dragon would be able to fly against the Blue Tier Base. If the base is successfully destroyed, that player would receive more points for using a lower Tier Dragon successfully.


In order for a base to be considered “cleared”, players must destroy 100% of the base with up to 3 Dragons. A 100% destruction will clear the base and unlock the next available one to attack.


Players will earn points by attacking these bases based on several factors, which are calculated with the following equation:


Total Points Earned = [Base Points] x [1 + (1 - [Sum of Attack Power of Dragons] / [Defense Power of Base])]


The bonus points in the above equation will cap out at 80% though, meaning the equation will be this:

Total Points Earned = [Base Points] x [1 + Min{0.8, (1 - [Sum of Attack Power of Dragons] / [Defense Power of Base])}]

Overall event score is based on the sum of the highest score for each of the 84 bases. Some bases may not be achievable to hit if players do not have Dragons in these Tiers, much like the Temple Guardians in Temple Raid.


Base Checkpoints


The 84 bases unlock in succession once the base before it has been successfully destroyed at least once. After 3 bases in a given Tier have been defeated, players will reach a checkpoint. Every 6 hours, progress resets back to the last achieved checkpoint. Be sure to reach a checkpoint before logging off, as this could push you back slightly between these 6-hour rounds!


There will be an energy system in use for this event, like other PvP events currently in rotation. Each attack on these bases will cost 4 energy that restores over time. The energy cost will reset every 24 hours from when the Battle Phase begins.




Leaderboards will be broken down into various groups for Assault based on the features of the event.

  • Tier Leaderboards - This leadboard will rank players based on the summation of every high score for all 6 bases in each Tier, and there will be drop-down options to view each Tier’s leaderboard. In the future, we also plan to filter these leaderboards further based on division

  • Global Leaderboard - This leaderboard will rank players based on the total event points earned for all bases during the event.

  • [Coming Soon!] Guild Leaderboard - This leaderboard will rank players based on the total event points earned compared to others in their Guild. This leaderboard won’t be available at the start, but is planned to appear in future runs of Assault.


Event Prizes


The top players in each of the Leaderboards above (Tiered, Global, and soon-to-be Guild) will receive special prizes of Runes & Glyphs and in-game resources. Additionally, upon reaching any checkpoint during the event (every 3 completed bases), players will receive a small bundle of prizes to help with all aspects of Dragons! After completing all 6 bases in a Tier, prizes will be distributed that are parallel to that of normal event prizes. There will be plenty of prizes to obtain in addition to the team prizes and progression prizes of the Breeding event.



Assault TL;DR


  • Assault is back!

  • The goal of Assault is to battle your way up the ranks of 84 bases (6 in each Tier), destroying as many as you can to earn special prizes and rewards.

  • Bases are divided by Tier. Players must fly a Dragon of the same Tier OR one Tier below to attack. Successfully destroying a Base with a Dragon one Tier below will grant more rewards. Bases are considered clear upon 100% destruction.

  • Checkpoints are unlocked upon destruction of every 3 bases so players won’t lost their place. Progress reset back to the latest unlocked checkpoint every 6 hours.

  • All attacks in Assault cost 2 energy as a flat rate for the first run of the event.

  • Assault event prizes will be distributed based on the top ranked players in each of the event’s three Leaderboards: Tiered, Global, and the upcoming Guild. Checkpoints, as well as completing a full Tier of bases, will also grant rewards.

  • Assault will run simultaneously alongside the Breeding event, which will appear as normal and will have team prizes and personal progression rewards.

  • Team Quests will be suspended during Multi-Event Weeks.



Please discuss and ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread.

BIG FYI: Assault bases are unable to be bookmarked. If you try to bookmark an Assault base, you will get a sync error.

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