Assault reset BS

All I’m saying is if it lets you start a run before reset you should get the points.

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or pay attention to the reset clock its not really hard to do


Same case as KW when you finished runs after being cut off?

Should be fine for now, as the timer is put clearly there.

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Its so bad. I completed base 5 in few tiers, its not letting me go to next base to attack. Not sure what to say…

right i waited 10 minutes before i hit again after getting to check point so i didnt over run it haha

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fact is this tho it reset so why would you get points just to start back over be happy it did not eat your energy

Because it let me start the run. I get the reset but surely if you start a run the result should count in this event

So I opened a ticket and provided screen shots with scores. Stil they ask me did u attack bae 6? Provide screen shot? How?
I gave up man…
Frustrated. No more wasting time or energy

so instead u want to waste your energy? to get some points just so you have to fly it again the timer is there to see if you start before it finishes and u have 1 minute and lets say base 5 do you want to rerun that base 5 again just to burn energy because if u dont hit that checkpoint it resets anyways

what the hell are you rambling about lol my message was not to u

I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.

I know how checkpoints work.

My run was on base 6. Which I beat. I was allowed to start the run. I didn’t look at the clock because I assume if you start it let’s you finish.

There is no reason in assault why it wouldn’t let you finish if It let you start. It’s not a PvP.

The game assumes that you can finish the base in a sec (not a real number, but I hope you get what I meant), plus unlike Pits, it has no delay between reset times.

@XFlameDiamondX Perhaps try again when you have lots of time before reset?

does not matter the timer is there for a reason! it resets no matter where u are some could be on 5 and it will reset you should be paying attention to the clock!

you can clearly see it before u fly and that tells you if you have time or not!

I know what it does. I’m suggesting it’s a stupid mechanism.

Also, I don’t look at the timer in assault any more than I look at the timer on beasts in Atlas

not if you are on 5 is what i am saying lol it can burn your energy does not matter when

beasts are different! the timer in assault you should this is the reason why

2 energy is hardly burning it

and many do it with out buying think of that and it adds up!

Oh wow, sorry guys if I offended anyone. This event is crazy and I’m out. Not sure how it works but my runs are not counted. And I end up doing again and again just to clear base 6. Even tho base 5 was cleared and scored.

Thanks for time n patience in reading my message. Again apologies

hmm have u uninstalled and reinstalled? his situation is different from yours maybe @PGGalileo can help if u give a ticket number

Compromise on a screen saying time has run out, do you want this run to count or would you like the energy reset?

just wanted to rant. I’ve beaten 6 again now so all I lost was about 5 minutes of my life. And 2 energy.

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