Assault Split Event Idea

Typically Assault and Glory event occur at the same time. Both events are quite time intensive and make the weekend quite a high burden of play. (Because both events are fun and there are decent prizes on offer if you put the work in)

Assault has 19 tiers, 114 bases. If you try to qualify for leaderboards that could be closer to 200 bases.

Assuming 2 minutes a run ( including screen load times and wheel of death % waiting ) Assault is 3.8 hours of work at 114 bases and closer to 6.7hrs if you aim for good scores

Assuming you spend an hour a day farming gold and doing egg token quests then there isnt much time left for the glory event.

I propose that Assault is split up into 3.

During a season we will typically have 3 breeding events. Instead of having assault with 19 tiers all on one breed how about it is split up.

I.e Assault runs every breed event but with only 7 tiers.

Breed 1 tiers 1-7
Breed 2 tiers 8-14
Breed 3 tiers 15-19 (eventually tier 21)

Some notes:

  • Enable team chest prize for all breeds
  • Payout leaderboard prizes each event.
  • Payout the cumulative total prize on breed 3.
  • Show us our personal best scores on each tier.

I think this would split the work out and make assault a 1.5hr time commitment each breed so that we can also enjoy the atlas glory event.

It also allows more time if you want to get better PBs for yourself on certain tiers because you dont need to rush in 19 tiers on one weekend.

Its nice to have something else to do other than breed and glory and I think this strikes a better work life balance. The other breed events typically feel like there isnt enough to do.

The other breed events feel too “light” on content so splitting up Assault shares content around.


or have less stages per tier

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You know that would mean they’d give us fewer rewards. They wouldnt combine them


I don’t like Assault too because it’s so time consuming, but it’s only once a season and the prizes are worth it. And you also don’t need to spend too many energy chests for it (14 I used).


me flying 2 hours non-stop in a single tier :eyes:


I quite like this idea, good suggestion

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Thats dedication to the cause! :slight_smile:

I agree with all this but can we also do something about tied first place scores? It doesn’t seem fair to penalize people for not devoting their life to the game, disregarding school or work and being on the game the second assault starts.

5th time getting the max score in a tier and still no portrait… yeah I’m salty :man_shrugging:


I don’t hate that idea at all. I love assault and I like to challenge myself for decent scores but it does get tiring and really time consuming fast so it wouldn’t be the worst idea to split it up a bit

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No es por nada, pero me gustaría que me explicarán como es que obtienes puntajes decentes, ya que lo he intentado y siempre obtengo solo el mínimo, por lo que a veces me desalienta este evento. Cual es la metodología de ataque, o que se yo estaré haciendo todo mal???