Assault - Team league table

I think it would be great if we could have league tables within tiers and overall for our own team members within Assault.

Would create a fun competition within our team to see who’s best.

No extra prizes necessary, the bragging rights would suffice.


For that it is already PVP events :sweat_smile:
I don’t know you, but the 65k of tokens and the 100 gold chests are so great for me :money_mouth_face::smiling_imp::money_mouth_face::smiling_imp:

I’m not saying to get rid of the prizes.

I’m saying it would be nice to have a league table just for our team members so we can compete with each other.

A league table would depress me because Drac 🥲

I wish they’d bring back the team table though that was around in the first reiteration of assault or so that was supposedly gonna get worked on with prizes etc


Remind me what this was?

Ups, translation problems :joy:

That would be nice :crazy_face:

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Was supposed to be a leaderboard but for your team

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When the new version of the assault event was introduced back in 2019, they were working on a team leaderboard.

This is from the original post:

  • [Coming Soon!] Guild Leaderboard - This leaderboard will rank players based on the total event points earned compared to others in their Guild. This leaderboard won’t be available at the start, but is planned to appear in future runs of Assault.

nah, we want prizes :laughing:

This is what I’m talking about