Assault vs quests

4/1 the breeding event started without an area to do team questing. In its place an assault was placed. Now in my opinion the assault is just too hard for the amount of items/sigils received. Especially since you are not allowed to have assistance from a teammate. My teammates and I count on the sigils we receive from questing to progress through the season. I saved like crazy last season so I could get my first ever event mythic. Now getting it has been put in jeopardy do to this poorly thought out assault.

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The assault will give the same amount of sigil from team quest if you are at least green tier and completed all the those 5x6 bases. Otherwise you are on the loosing end.

the prizes in assault u can get as many times as u want given the reset time, so there is a fair few rewards to be gained from the combined tiers you can do, you can also hit up for more rewards. though i do agree the towers are stronger then they should be, it may be to deal with rider buffs, still took me nearly all three dragons to kill my top tier base with some planning, but not 100% impossible. im not quite sure on the reward system with it cuz im never making those leaderboards (for the end of the event), am quite happy with the resources i get from completing each tier however
Gets the "a ok’’ from me

i rather have assault then quests so far i got over 1200 sigils with the gold chests i need them for my rune dust im short haha and extra egg tokens its not hard its easy


the chests are a neat bonus for sure :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

But they are not giving us rune dust this time. That’s last assault. For now they change it with black pearl and ember.

lol what i mean is from season line lol was close

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I can’t complete even the red tier. If you don’t have a maxed out ember you are screwed…The level of difficulty is insane…Just makes you so frustrated with the game that it makes you want to quit…


um no it was easy for starters secondly quit over a mini event u do not have to do? lol
not suppose to be a walk in park either where u just slide right across

Maxed out kinnara with cannon resist.


Red is easy it only gets harder when you reach later tiers. That’s where hell starts :joy::joy::joy:

Edit: On topic: I prefer Assault at least 100 times over team quests. It’s more fun to run those bases than spend 5 min doing random quests each day for 100 sigils day 5.


Honestly you do not need ember. Kinarra is the one you want. Her and a few good setups or follow ups will get the job done. That and use consumable spells


Kinnara can also do the first purple bases

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so I think assault is a great change. and actually we get more and better prices

Assault sucked back when and still sucks. I’d forgotten how much it sucked until I did a few tiers. It’s A LOT of work for ho hum prizes. I’d rather have quests back.


I’m gonna have to say I’m on the other side of this. I am really enjoying assault and I’ve actually having to think when I fly. For most of them anyway.

That and for all the tiers together that’s a LOT of cumulative prizes. Individually sure they aren’t huge but as a whole it’s pretty nice.

But I do get why people may not enjoy it.


I solo base tier above me with pretty much a gearless dragon, this event isn’t impossible to do just need to plan a lot before attacking

Right right. I did some tiers but mostly to fly some of my old favorites again for real. Axi, Pathox, even Surt.

However, I’m done. Nostalgia is rarely what we think it would be. The time - effort isn’t worth the rewards and taking away quests removed player choice which is always bad.

This is so very PG. They bring back Assualt but tampered with it until folks are not happy.


I’m not the biggest assault fan bc I am a crappy flyer and planning is poison to me, but what did they change besides the prizes? This is totally the event people have been begging them to bring back.

Super bold on this!

I’m upset with the complaint on assault. Cmon people, don’t ruin what the community want.

This mini event is all about pushing your limit on the combination of strategic planning and flying skills.

I suggest you to screenshot the base 6. Study it. Then look at what dragons that’s available to use, what’s their spells. Imagine it in ur head what if this dragon come first, destroy this tower first, and so on.

Don’t expect that you can crush it on one go like Gig.

Have fun!