Assault ... when?

When the mini event assault will return?
A lifetime has passed since the last time :pensive:


Hopefully next week’s breeding.


Or dungeons :heart_eyes:


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The dragons might suck but we still want to collect stuff. I still want Assault and Trading Post deals plus the festive in a few weeks


Are there news about Mini event Assalut??

So now apparently there is an assault this week according to the event announcement in game.
If so then yay


I can finally level up Jaal!


Damn, that’s some patience. I’ve been saving Noc and Fera

I kind of forgot I had him because I took him out of my party so I didn’t accidentally level him. :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:.

Did you leave feta(I guess that works) at level 1 just for healing spell? Why do you save a rider? Is it to keep the dragons AP low?

Yes. Normally I wouldnt use a rider at all but I saved Fera for her spell. Though he may be better off with a different spell that doesnt cost rage

Oh definitely. I’m pretty sure I should be able to use jaal and get pretty good rankings. Should also be way easier than using the random divines I have all over the place. “Jjin” :hot_face:😮‍💨

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