Assistance please on dragon rollback

I finally got Frostbiter. I spent 31 days of speedups to get him off the cooker. Once I got him hatched I logged off. When I returned, it showed he was back on the cooker with 5 days. I wrote support and they brushed me off. My ticket is 514307. Thank you

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Did you get your speed ups and stuff back? This has happened to me before and I just had to repeat my actions.

No. Nothing yet. I’ve been wanting to bump this to make sure it didn’t get brushed aside. They told me they are waiting for a tool to be available. Maybe because of it being a holiday I hope?? I’d sure like it sorted

Don’t want to be a downer but when this happened 3 weeks ago for me support said exactly the same thing. I wouldn’t expect this tool anytime soon. Sorry.

Not surprised anymore. Anyone we can throw an @ at?I’ve had this ticket for over 8 ours and my incubator is still at 5…something is definitely off

Tagging @Arelyna

Pg just resolved my issue. Thank you very much!!!

I had the same happen to me. You are a victim of sync error diminishing returns.

Glad this was able to be resolved!

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