Assualt this breed?

anyone knows if we are getting assualt this breeding event?

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Not been confirmed yet sadly


too bad, i really miss that event lol


The prizes and the fact that it gives me something to do after the 30 seconds of breeding would be very much appreciated


Please :pray:t3: :pray:t3:. I need assault event!!! The fact that it weeds out the hackers is bonus too lol.


I ned assaults too it’s so freaking boring just breeding alone, we basically has nothing to do after 30 s ( besides atlas of course)


Would be nice to have dungeons or assault each breed wouldn’t it :slight_smile:


That would be nice , it will help players getting some reward for willing to spend time for the event

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Yes. I pretty much wanna put the game away after I breed, because breeding is all there is to do… the rest of my time is usually spent grinding chests and doing atlas stuff. Dungeons or assault each event would be nice.

Yes please, Assault or Dangeoun.

Assault this would would be great. Breeding weeks certainly make things get boring quickly. I mean sure we could spend time with those nice looking strangers living in our homes but… eh. Come on PG, give us something to do. All Im doing is breeding some boring research eggs :sob: :sob: :sob:
I need a reason to avoid raking leaves this week


PG could alternate Assault and Dungeons every breed event. If they thought this would be too often, then skip on breed events where a new wave is released.


What do you mean “or Dungeons”.

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I think they said, in the last stream, that there won’t be an assault event this season

Wait really :anguished:

During the first one they said Amalia will be an offensive rider, soo…

Both streams were kinda ‘‘wild’’ and I wonder if it was heard by anyone else

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Well I hope that at the very least we get assault, pre nerf was better and more challenging but I’d be happy with post nerf too

Wait, so the season lines are continuing to be more expensive and they’re taking away a mini event that provides more sigils?

Let’s just take sigils out of event prizes and give the mythics a dollar amount :roll_eyes:

Oh no, they aren’t having Assault but instead have other ways to get sigils, we are all going to die!
If you want to, have the stuff saved up, and are active you can get a mythic.
Again, just joking here. Assault is nice, but not a requirement,

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Yes, more expensive, but please don’t forget you get more prizes too.

I am more bothered by the fact i dont find anything exciting about this season, the dragons are just … all my hopes are in the festive now