Astrid Advice Needed

I have the first page of Astrid complete. I have the last 35 skill points to spend. Right now she has +9% Attack and +6% HP. Should I spend her last points to max out Attack or spend them to balance Attack and HP at +11% each?

I favor the balanced approach but this is my first offensive rider.

As a bonus topic is it worth 5k rubies to pick up enough sigils to get the 3750 elemental embers just before Gunnar’s Harbinger stone? I’m inclined to pass and save the rubies for the next season but I hear elemental embers are valuable. Right now I have 29k of them stored up. I’m Level 71 with a single dark flak tower at Level 23.

Max out attack imo. If you’re flying your dragons right, HP is less important, and it’s strategically better to have a skewed skillset rather than a balanced one. At most, you can balance it out with gear.

Also, check out your atlas rider stats. Might help you to decide.

Edit: ^hunter specific answer, btw. about your embers: check out an average of how much you can get in 10 gold chests (4k rubies) and go off that as a judge :slight_smile:

Since you might want a second flak (i vote fire!) sometime (soon).

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I personally did go for max hp possible, i think hp is always worth more as you still fly while you have hp and a lot of spells are based on hp.
That’s what i see maybe you’d like attack more.

As for the embers i don’t think it’s worth it spending 5k sigils for them you’re getting more next season so with your storage it’s fine for now.

Question is if HP-Based spells stack with boosts and buffs? I can´t tell anymore after the “Spell-Scaling Fix”

More just stuff to consider than a straight answer on what to pick :see_no_evil:

Getting balanced stats is more easily done on future riders, so I’d personally favor doing extremes on HP/Attack each, then a balanced one where the rider stats aren’t particularly great.

  • Picking a stat buff depends upon which dragons you fly, as many spells are actually based upon HP, such as Explosive Shield and AoE spells like Freeze or Fireball vs Havoc/k. So, if the dragon is more reliant upon HP-based spells, then you’d want to consider that.
  • Percentage buffs also favor bigger numbers, and HP will be greater than attack.
  • If the spells are more focused on utility than damage, then the dragon is likely more reliant on its breath attack/breath attack boost. Fomhar is a good example. However, if it’s not going to push it over the edge of reducing the number of taps for hunters on bases that you’d typically encounter, it may not be meaningful.
    • At the level that you’re at now, warriors are likely still the most effective. I haven’t used warriors for a while, but an attack boost there could be useful too.
  • A tankier dragon also never hurts, if survivability tends to be an issue; it’d also make hunters easier to learn.

Save the rubies for the new season :slight_smile:


I do hp as well. More health you have…more firing you can do.
But each their own. And if you don’t like the way you “trained”, starting very soon, you’ll be able to “reset” rider stats for 10K rubies(a bit pricey) but at least PG is trying to please the community which is great!


What ?

Huh ?

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I always would go for hp boost because what good is attack if your dragon dies fast same way when I build towers hp over attack for me

What good is HP if you cant kill the towers, many factors to look at in order to decide which is more valuable.

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The faster the tower get destroyed, the less health they would take from your dragon

I want to look at this a bit differently for a minute, because several people are saying “more HP = living longer = good”. Conceptually, yes, I agree. But realistically, I’m not sure it holds up.

At the OP’s current level (71), his Gunnar is level 3 in Green, and will not be level 4 until he hits 84. Gunnar’s base HP at this level is 438,703. Lacking information on the gear on Astrid, we’ll just work with the numbers provided. Also assuming that the OP has the relevant HP research through Orange (17%), this Gunnar should have a 23% boost to HP as it stands. So Gunnar has 539,605 HP with this Astrid (no other runes, and no gear). If the OP takes the balanced approach being asked about, Gunnar will get another 5% HP, bringing him up to 561,540 HP.

At level 73, a player can have a level 27 Dark Flak tower, which does 259,533 damage with a normal shot, and 537,770 damage on supershot.

So what do we make of this information? Well, I’m not inclined to say that increasing HP really does anything to improve the survivability of this dragon given these parameters. As it stands, the dragon can withstand a single DF supershot by just a tiny bit; an additional 5% HP means that the dragon would withstand that single DF supershot by just a tiny bit more. Given the nature of incoming damage (i.e., it’s not just one tower doing the shooting), any amount of residual damage is going to clean Gunnar up if he gets hit at all. The HP increase is not enough to conclude that “more HP = more survivability”.

The way that HP gains work in the game is something I’ve mulled over for a while, specifically concerning the in-game advertisement that “warrior dragons have a ton of health, and are good for brawling your way through a tough base” or whatever that fortune cookie statement was. Yes, warriors have more health, but given the amount of damage that towers do, I’m not at all sure that the boost to health is more than superficial. Hunters, for example, often just avoid the damage, which is better than soaking it anyway.

Now - because spell damage is directly tied to HP, that is a good reason to maximize the HP on the dragon. I’m not entirely sure whether Gunnar’s spell kit is HP based or not (I’ve forgotten; we tested that thing last Fall). So I do advocate stacking HP - but only because of the increase to damage output that comes with it.


For Gunnar attack is definitely the way to go. His main damage ability is boosting his normal attack (not hp based at all), and his main survival methods are freezing and cloaking. Gunnar will die very quickly if you let him get shot, no matter how much you boost his health, same goes for most hunters.

For warriors or dragons like Surt with elemental resist HP make a lot more sense, both to boost spells and to increase survivability.


Just a heads-up for next time : you should try to plan how to skill your rider best. You could have got a balanced 13% HP/14% Atk if you didn’t stray along the tree. Little perks are usually meaningless compared to Atk and HP…

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I went for 16 def/ 11 attack on mine I believe but I did not put him on Gunnar. A hunter like Gunnar especially is attack fast and freeze, with the ability to cloak and move on if needed. That being said I’d boost his attack all the way. You dont need more hp when you are trying your best to not get touched, you need more attack to boost his attack spell in order to clear buildings.

Also side note, I’d get his Harb stone as well if you can afford the 5k more rubies. Looking back I had some great dragons I had to bench because I failed to get their full line of evolution stones, makes you cry a little in the inside :ghost:

They fixed Havoc : )

From unboosted to +SB its buffed 215% each fireball

From unboosted to +HSB its buffed 460%

I went attack on runes/ gear and i didnt have shit for Ice Gear LOL

Oh but yeah, i did go for 16 hp on Astrid… kinda kicked myself immediately because it was when i finished that i realized i wanted to go all out on attack for gunnar. I just look at it as all the times i go red about to die but survive it will be thanks to that small % of hp buff lol

I say do hp because of season comming up new dragons might hk based on dragons modified hp

I went the 14/13 attack route. Balanced leaning towards the attack, since most hp spells (like sand/vines, freeze and derivatives factor in attack power too.

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Well, if you want to change it, you’ll be able to

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