Astrid vs Tor vs Grogg vs Kayla, etc?


As far as damage / hp buff… is Astrid better than Tor or Grogg?

What about the other riders? Is there a chart somewhere that is being updated with all current riders so we can compare damage / hp / xp buffs, etc?


In my opinion, highest to lowest in terms of power/buffs: Astrid, Tor, Grogg, then Kayla


There are charts. I don’t have any, but i’ve seen them

Also i believe grogg > tor, i have both and this is the way their skills fall by the way i spec’d them



awesome thank you!


I’d love it if someone would put together not a max skills chart, but say an actual comparison of riders that are available with attainable skill tree specs. Say 1 attack, 1 hp and 1 more balanced arrangement of the skill trees.

Maybe i’ll do that tomorrow :eyes:


@Luffy may have what you need…


Table looks off for Nal - I see 11 max attack, 10 max HP, and I elected 5% dark flak resist (ice turret, fire flak, and dark flak are my options - no archer or cannon).


All I can say is yours won’t make my eyes scream at me in agony wondering what they did to be subjected to such eye-watering neon shades :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Astrid is definitely worth it and so is the actual atlas season rider


Yes her Nal stats are off. @ShadowsOfBirds

Also from Nal and after you couldnt max both atk and hp stats for seasonal riders so their stats depended on which way you chose to allocate their skills


I used the max possible in each category; it is not doable to hit that number on every stat. More complex math involving what can and can’t be achieved simultaneously is better left to… well someone like @mechengg :woman_shrugging:t2:


I double checked my CF doc and it definitely shows archer, so that’s interesting. May have been discrepancies there that I didn’t pick up on. Unfortunately it isn’t a live doc (the chart) so it isn’t an easy fix
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My brightness is actually at about 1/3rd total brightness :joy: Sadly my eyes are very sensitive to light :see_no_evil:


That’s unfortunate. Mine are sensitive to the brightness, but not the color. I usually have mine at 1/3 as well.


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Max stats for Astrid :

Opti HP : 16% Hp; ~11% Atk

Opti Atk : 14% Atk; 13% Hp

I think that’s close…


Edit of edit : double thanks @OrcaFrost my exhausted brain needs a break from farming missions… I need to sleep a full night… :sleepy:

To players who own rider astrid (INQUIRY)

:thinking: Now I’m confused…


Don’t you mean Bjorn?


I’m certain I’m not. Bjorn can hardly get

12-13% in each.

Correction not even that…

Edit : now I understand… I’m definitely tired…