Asura: worth completing?

Hey guys, just need some quick advice.

I’m level 91 and have Asura’s orbs unlocked up to gold so far. She’s level 16 and feels relatively weak compared to my other dragons. Is she worth spending sigils on or should I save them for base boost/later dragons that will be releasing?


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Depends on two things:

  1. Do you want to get the mythic? If yes, your goal is to get that efficiently
  2. How far are you on the line? If you’ve passed half the branches then it’s cheaper to continue down the line Key-wise.

For most part: yes, you should continue to finish the line.

However, there are some situations where you probably don’t considering finishing it, like:

  • you want a specific legendary dragon that you wanna get and ur sigils are limited.
  • you are low level player and wanna try many dragons. From my experience, you are good if acquiring 2-3 stones above ur current one, since the dragons got obsolete fast each seasons.

Good luck!


Well @Tragedy I have Asura on both of my accounts and he’s awesome. Asura is a good investment imo.


What is worthwhile is spending as many sigils as you can on discount lines during the discount. Half price goodies make up for a lot of weaknesses.

You have two discount lines to choose from, but having to retire a dragon so soon (11 levels until you hit asuras Platinum evolution) will kinda suck if you depend on it at all or if you’re also retiring other dragons soon.


Thanks for your input guys!

Thanks for asking the question and the responses. Yay!!! Finally something worth chasing :kiss:

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You should save your sigils now the discount is over and see if they release a dragon you prefer, if your not enjoying Asura.

I know it will suck having Asura at gold but how will you feel if there’s a dragon or rider you prefer and you’ve wasted sigils on Asura?

Edit : you can still do the egg boast if you like

I like asura honostly ,yes you need fast fingers for entrap blumage and go invisible … Yes you can get hit by darkflak and all run wasted ! :stuck_out_tongue: but still its a hunter and i have deeeeep love to all hunter type pokemons ! i mean dragon :smiley:

Its hard to fly so if you want to use asura better check your riders if have a good enough Asura will suprice you :heart:

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