Atk power increase with runes


The attack power will increase with any rune even useless ones…How much does it increase with a legendary or Mythic rune, not any specific rune just how Much Atk power it adds? Let’s say a legendary resist rune? I never paid attention to how much, I was thinking about the actual attack power runes and I doubt the increase stacks? Like with the legendary hunter attack power runes if it doesn’t stack and just the higher increase is added then wouldn’t these runes basically be useless?
I don’t love the attack power runes anyway lol
But was just curious if the attack power is added plus you get the increase from the rune to?
If it’s not added then the HP runes would be a lot better because you get the increase in attack and hp.


I was told a while ago that useless runes (that can never fit your dragon by example chaos runes on a havok dragon) doesn’t give any bonus to your dragon, it just virtually inflates his attack power. No more HP, no more offensive power. Secondary spells on runes can still work.

It could have changed, I don’t know. The way I see it, runes whose main spell is useless but secondary one works (like rage, or a resist) are like an overinflated balloon and a little meat you feed your dragon. They look fuller, but that’s mostly air…
About dragon class runes, I have never tried though…

@mechengg tagging you in case you can help more.



There are 3 basic dragon stats:

  • attack power
  • attack
  • hit points

Attack (the second one) is physically how much damage this dragon will do with his regular style attack. This figure is effected by research and specifically dragon attack runes and dragon level/tier. Consumables also buff this figure

Hit points is how much damage the dragon can take before dying. This is similar to the above attack, effected by research, dragon HP runes, and dragon tier/level. Consumables also buff this figure

Attack power (the first one) is a virtual summation of a function of physical attack, physical HP, as well as any spells that the dragon has, plus runes for all spells and resists. I’m not sure if attack/HP runes are counted double for this (since they are already counted in the figures above) but this number is fairly useless. This number doesn’t mean anything except to give you a relative feeling that your dragon is doing good.

In your example above with adding an HP rune to the dragon, it will increase the dragons HP. It will also increase the “Attack Power” or the virtual number you see. This has ZERO effect on how much damage the dragon does. None. So while it increases dragon health, it does not increase dragon attack like you indicate above.

Long story short, attack power is NOT the same as attack. Attack power is a generalized figure for how “good” a dragon is, but as Kardul mentioned above, you can put 5 mythic runes/glyphs in a dragon, none of which have any relevance at all, and get a huge increase in virtual power, where as you have not changed the dragons actual ability to take down a base at all


Was going to type something like this but likely not nearly as clear. Bonus points for proper use of ‘effected’. :grin:


Attack is affected by research. You will feel the effect of the attack rating as affected by research during gameplay.


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