Atlas 2020 - Wave 1 Changes Official Discussion Thread

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Wave 1 questions that I assume will be implemented today yes?

Your primarch has more troops than each other 5TAs troops present

This makes little sense to me. Does this mean all other enemies, as in troops not in your 5TA, or just the defending 5TA?

Is it

Team Glory Scaling will remain based on your team (not your 5TA, as previously proposed)


Change team glory scaling to be based on Den level (of the best team in the 5TA).

Is it still based on highest team in 5TA or not?

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Okay, new changes. Let’s see.

  • @Arelyna, the Glory - Team Component section needs to be updated. The top of the post says that the team ranks will remain the decider, but the descriptive section below still talks about 5TA-based glory. Which parts of this section will remain? Is there still going to be a 30% glory reduction for attacking 20 ranks lower, for example?

    Edit: So now that that’s fixed…a 30% glory reduction for every 20 ranks a team is below you is still unreasonably harsh. It might be okay at the top of the scale, but the difference between a rank 500 team and a rank 600 team is negligible, while the glory difference would be MASSIVE. 5 ticks of 30% less glory brings you to 17% glory for attacking a team that is not noticeably different from yourself. This is still a very bad thing.

  • Fixing max revives to 100% is good, to avoid exploiting

  • Increased troop build/revive potential is good

  • Is “more troops than each other 5TAs” short for “You need to have more troops than ANY 5TA?” or “You need to have more troops than the defending 5TA?”

  • Cutting the reset and perimeter are both good changes, since neither idea was well thought-out. And I suppose the new ownership limit really has to be cut too, if there’s no reset

  • Shrines still have potential

  • Hopefully PG will keep an eye out for future ideas on how to fix things, and will actually engage in good discussions about the pros and cons of these ideas.

All in all, positive update. It’s good to see you stepping away from the ledge, and listening to reason. But team glory scaling is still BADLY screwed up. This does NOT belong in the final draft.

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is perimeter idea and seasonal reset canned ?

Looks like. They say “Cut the seasonal land reset, perimeter travel, and new ownership limit.”

And they took those points out of the detailed rundown of what will be included in Wave 2.

Sorry about that! Edited it. Should have team.

This is in the post:


“Cut the seasonal land reset, perimeter travel and new ownership limit.”

Sorry to bead a dead horse? Cut means the idea is completely dead?


Wave 2 is still very much up in the air and open to discussion and major revisions

  • Cut the seasonal land reset, perimeter travel and new ownership limit.
    If the cap limit is not lowered on how many castles we can hold then there is no reason to reset castles and do a land grab. only 20 castles count to our bonuses so i don’t see and reason in holding more then 25. 25 give everyone bank access.

You guys need to address stagnation/overwhelming odds caused by mega-alliances, and now we need to wait another 4 months (at least) for anything meaningful. Since resets and perimeter were dropped based on 50 people’s tears, hurry up with @Kate ‘s idea and don’t throw your own PG spin on it. Full access as you proposed it may have been a bad idea, but so are deeply protected castles.

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  • There are 0 guards present, AND
  • Your primarch has more troops than each other 5TAs troops present, AND
  • Defending owner (not 5TA) has less than 50k troops present

Just to be sure on this one:

Team 1X
Team 2Y
Team 3Z
Team 4Z

X / Y / Z represents different 5TA alliance for this example

Castle - Owned by Team3Z

Team1X has 3 primarch consisting of 25,000 | 50,000 | 75,000 troops (150,000 total)
Team2Y has 4 primarch consisting of 15,000 | 25,000 | 50,000 | 100,000 Troops (190,000 total)
Team3Z has 2 defending primarch consisting of 100,000 | 150,000 troops (250,000 total)
Team4Z has 1 defending primarch that has 150,000 troops

For Team 2Y to conquer Team3Z’s castle, they have to do the following:

  • Reduce the castle guard to 0
  • Reduce Team1X’s total troops to at least below 100,000 troops (if no one bothered attacking that 100,000 troop primarch)
  • Reduce Team3Z’s total troops to below 50,000 troops (as they are the owner of the castle)
  • Reduce Team4Z’s total troops to at least below 100,000 troops (same reason as Team1X condition and is also considered as “other” 5TA)
  • Only the primarch that has the 100,000 troops can conquer the castle

Is this correct?

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the limit of 25 castles is just fine who is complaining and why ?


SO this means Dread keeps all there castles and ALL the planning for land grab is DEAD now??


Mostly positive.

I still think the “Glory - Player (Level) Component” needs rework. At the moment there are huge step changes.


  • if I’m level 279 I get 100% glory on level 220+.
  • When I’m 280 I get appalling glory attacking down (even a 279) And I’m 100% glory for a level 359.

Problem: Low-level taunters can be used to dissuade attacks.

Solution: Player Level is no longer considered when attacking Taunters (unless they’re at their team’s own castle [team, not 5TA]).

to clarify, this means that a low level taunter is still a sniper deterrent on your own castle?

The way i see it is

U need to kill all guard (0 remaining)
Ur own prim need more troop loaded than the whole 5ta team defending!! (If they own 100k splitted on 25 prim, but u come in with a taunter with 101k ,u can conquer)

The team that has to be under 50k troop is all other team that is not part of the defending 5ta owner

They’re as much glory as the biggest on your team for the attacker (When not on your or a 5ta castle). So…

Attacker (level 490) from a team rated #25 hits a #200 team… say it’s 60% glory. A level 500 taunter and a level 100 taunter will both be worth 60% glory to the attacker. At least that’s how I understand this to now work.

(Edited to adjust for understanding and error)

Some positive changes. I like that you will. Implement these changes, see the effects, and then discuss further options. I can see these castle takeover changes helping some castles to change hands more often. Thank you pg for listening to the majority of players and backing off of crazy changes all at once, while taking steps on the right direction.


If your team and the team you are attacking are close in terms of atlas ranking, then even if you are level 500 and the taunter is level 50, you can still get 100% glory is what I understand from that part. However, if it’s not a taunter, the level difference will be considered.

The taunter portion has been edited as of this post.
Player Level is no longer considered when attacking Taunters (unless they’re at their team’s own castle [team, not 5TA]).

From what I gather, taunters will operate as is only if it is parked on its teams castle.
Anything other than that, player level requirement will be stripped away.

Hopefully @Arelyna can comment soon


Thanks you for listening to common sense and not the few outliers in the other thread.

Still a little confused about improved revive rate on defenses but will wait and see what it brings.

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