[Atlas] 3rd Primarch Slot

It takes 30.7M gold to buy the third primarch slot, and according to Morreion’s site, you don’t get that until you reach level 442, which is when you have unlocked all storage hut levels. Why does it have to be all the way up at the maxed storage level? Why can’t it be lower? I know a lot of low levels (I’m not super low myself, but it would indeed make things much easier) that could use the 3rd slot, but they can’t because it is not available to them yet.

You can pay for the gold you’re missing using diamonds. There are lots of low levels that unlock the third slot that way (including me). Just save up enough diamonds, fill your storage to capacity on gold, and cover the difference!


I can’t hold that much gold though. I can only hold 22.4M gold. My storage hut is a bit behind (a couple levels), but even if it wasn’t, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Yes but you can still use diamonds to pay the difference. Just fill up your storage and try to unlock, and it will give you the option to use diamonds for the missing 8m.


Oh. Okay. Thanks.

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