Atlas - 5k troops killed-Get 6 glory chests

Very grossly 1 sided considering the costs involved, risk and time taken.
The payment of the 6 chests is grossly inadequate and needs to be increased.
The yields of the chests need to be assessed.

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Level 464 on a S1 team, doesn’t understand basic game mechanics, posts a bunch of nonsense, doesn’t read a single response, and posts even more nonsense. Congratulations on your first somewhat sensical post!!

PS, the chest drops are fine. Troops killed means nothing, glory earned is what matters.


Do you get paid every time you make one of these poorly thought out complaint topics?
The number of chests you get is based on the glory you get which is based on the number of troops you lose vs the number you kill. Losing 5k troops means nothing without knowing how many enemy troops were killed and what primes were used or the glory percentage.

From every single one of these topics you make, the clear message is that you apparently don’t understand really anything about this game and just want to complain instead of seeking guidance or doing your research.


Perhaps you should understand glory mechanics before you make such criticisms.


Behave or else the Mods will possibly ban you for being a troll cause I believe that’s on the COC Code of Conduct. It seems like your the person people put tinfoil hats around. It’s not funny how much your complaining about btw it gets redundant don’t ask us for help ask your team because at this rate you are refusing to listening to anyone.

If you lose 5k troops, you can get up to 40 atlas chests.
Once you understand Glory Mechanics, you know which primarch you should attack.

Glory Calculator will help you.


The potential Glory earned from troops lost is always 1.5 * troops lost. This does not mean you will always achieve it but that is the potential. Likewise, the potential for troops killed is 0.75 * troops killed. Again, a potential.

This potential is also not a hidden mechanic it is listed in the zendesk FAQs under Glory Calculations:

The chests obtained from glory earned is also a fixed rate and clearly advertised in the season menu: 1.25k G for every 6 chests and a bonus 4 chests after every 7.5k G earned (totalling 40 chests as Miina rightly stated).

Put as simply as possible: to make sure that you can achieve the best potential for your troop losses, you will need to pay attention to primarch stats, team glory potential and the flames earned in an attack.

A lot of this heavy lifting can be done in the glory calculator that Miina linked and, if swapping, can be done in the Swap Optimiser listed at the top of the same thread.

May I suggest that, if a topic hasn’t been covered before, you ask questions if you are unsure, rather than using complaints as your default? If you are unsure, there is likely someone else who is also unsure and a thread starting with a question rather than accusation is much more inviting for them to read.


i have an answer for him, as i played a brief time with him in the same team.
if you want to get full glory for your atlas attacks, you shouldnt hit the teams that gives you %50 or below glory.
cause thats what you do in general.
just do everyone a favour, and delete the game.


I agree. Why so many changes Seems money is more important than game play. I played for over a year and you keep taking more and more away. I can’t even get close to a mythic anymore

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The heck? This post isn’t even remotely relevant to this thread lol

Care to elaborate? PG hasn’t been stealing anything from our possession.

If this is true, then I don’t know what to say.

I find the arcane glory mechanics in Atlas quite off-putting myself, but I can understand 100% is better than 50%.

Duck roasting expertise?

Helpful, constructive. Thank you.

Hit the nail right in tne center of its small tiny unadulterated head!

Have you considered that you need to take some time to learn and understand the mechanics of atlas before making a thread?


“I can’t even get close to a mythic anymore” - same here :smiley:
Who are the mythics for?

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plus whole game :point_up_2:


Seems like we haven’t heard the full story :expressionless:

  • How many troops were died?
  • How many troops you killed?
  • What’s the glory ratio of your target?
    • how’s your team rank compared to your targets?
    • how’s your level compared to your target?
    • where did you kill the prim?

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You give no information
You just post random statements with 0 proof… can we please just close this thread.