Atlas access for new team

Dear PG

My team is made 2 week before aftermath season begins , we did hard work to get platinum 4 league , but it was late and I asked for some Grace time but we didn’t got ,

Now I am texting every week for atlas access but not getting it ,

It’s really hard to make players to stay with us without having atlas,
I hardly convince them to stay in our team we will get Atlas access soon ,

There is any chance for my team to get atlas access?




I think P2 is the new min now, if your team missed it last time when the min was P4. I could be wrong. Anyone, please feel free to correct this. TIA! :green_heart:


It’s P4+. P2+ was the initial minimum, but got changed to P4 due to no new teams being added.

But this one?

and this one?

:thinking: :face_with_monocle: :dizzy_face:


The threshold has been moving around a fair bit, from sapphire to some gold 1 being added, but currently P2 is what you need at the start of a season. And honestly if your team struggles to get to P2, chances are you won’t enjoy atlas a lot either.


Also think that if you have enough high level, competent players you would be allowed to put a ticket in as a request. BUUUT pretty sure you have to have some heavy hitters that already know what they are doing in atlas to qualify that way. Good luck!

Unfortunately you still need Atlas to be able get crafting materials. You need it to stay relevant in main game, even if you can’t participate meaningfully in Atlas itself. And to the OP’s point, you can’t really recruit and retain players in P4 unless you have Atlas - so they really have no chance to get to P2. My alt’s P4 team does virtually nothing in Atlas other than build troops and craft gear - I wonder if just existing in Atlas, and not attacking, truly contributes in a meaningful way to the lag issue - I’m skeptical and see no reason why other P4 teams shouldn’t be granted the same benefits.

I was rising tickets since we got platinum 4 league , every week I texted to support team for atlas access.

Some of support team says that they will forward my request to atlas team.

I hope pg will look forward in to my request

Stil I am hoping for atlas access .

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From the recent thread about Dread getting Atlas in bronze:

"Historically, there have been 2 ways for a non-atlas team to be granted Atlas access:

  1. wait for an Atlas roll out and meet the requirements, or
  2. request it based on merit (merit which was generally correlated to team strength/capability)"

#2 was new to me. Of course “merit” isn’t defined, at all.

I would think a fair definition would be based on activity level. If you are P4 and have a 85+ activity level, for example. My experience has shown that those teams/players with higher activity levels are more likely to make use of Atlas - they are just always looking for more things to do. A P4 check-in-once-a-day player won’t have time for Atlas. Do a few event runs, token missions, etc.

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That’s is very true , all 350+ level players in my team are saying that they will leave my team and will join a atlas team ,

I hardly convince them by saying that I will request to pg for atlas access and we will have it by this week ,

I raised tickets but got no help :sob:

But seems like I am going to loose all higher level players from my team :sob:

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Hah - I just looked up your team. You are 50/50, very active team, with an activity of 85. I’d say you should be a good candidate.

@PGGalileo maybe reconsider your criteria to include activity? Activity should be more important than level/strength. Active players will grow fast, and they need Atlas to grow in strength (gear).


The second way was completely fabricated for Dread’s sake. About a year ago Galileo made a forum announcement saying all platinum teams would get atlas weekly. So my current team hated our team name and had wanted to change it and never could. When we heard this announcement we decided we would start a new team and could get it to platinum in a month at most. We did this and I mailed support to confirm what Galileo said about teams getting atlas weekly was true, because I know better than to trust the forums. They strung me along for about 2 weeks without an answer. We decided to stick it through. Finally after we’d been on this new team and without atlas for weeks they said they couldn’t do it. They said there was “no way to give a team atlas access in the middle of the season without causing potential atlas complications”. We had been on a platinum atlas team before, so we had proved we could handle it. We offered to disband the old team and give access to the new one so it wasn’t an issue of too many teams with access. We had to wait an entire season without atlas, and their reason was supposedly that their atlas team said it’s unsafe to add a team mid season. Despite the fact that we were only in this predicament because we trusted what was saidbby an official PG employee on the official PG forums. We were given two weeks free atlas elite for the trouble when we finally got atlas the next season, which was nice.

A few months later, and somehow they make it happen for Dread within 2 days of a voluntary disbanding. Now, let me just say I have no problem at all with Dread having atlas. I believe every team should have atlas, but Dread has obviously earned it. But why is it suddenly not a safety concern when it’s for Dread? I sent support a ticket asking what has changed between now and then that they can give a team atlas mid season. Or if they jeopardized the technical integrity of atlas to give Dread access? They said they had no answer for me and closed my ticket.

So yeah. In short, sorry your team will not be getting atlas this season OP. Good luck next season.


My team always finish all events in first place , this pvp web got second place ,

We do war and we win ,

We can get platinum 3 easily but I am taking care of few low levels and as you know getting High level players without having atlas is a big challenge , and low level won’t survive in higher league ,

That’s why I am requesting to pg for atlas access,


Same thing happened to me

We started before new season begins ,

Letter they announced that all platinum 4 and above team will have access to atlas from the beginning of the season aftermath,

We did our best we declare war until we got +1 rating ,

In PvP we was in first place but in 2-3 week we wasn’t able to make it p4 but we got G1 and only few ranking points was left for go to p4,

We asked for grace period but nothing can change it ,

Letter they said that you should be in P4 for 3 week atleast ,

So we did it too,

Now hoping for atlas access :pray:

its nice to see new folks trying to join the game at a competitive level. i say if teams want atlas they should be given it, and if they so choose, opt out of it.


Thank you

I really appreciate it

I know my team will do great if we will have access to atlas ,

@PGTimber can you help him?

@LusifaTheLord Our team is in the exact same situation, late by one day to Platinum for this Atlas season, as we were down to 1 rating point per war. No they will not do it. Their response in regards to the Dread exception they granted is, okay the #1 champion is special. I guess they get all sorts of requests to bend the rules a bit here and there, and they don’t want to make individual judgement every time, and have people cross-check them and complain, so they stick to the rulebook as much as possible. Looking at the storm they got for that one exception, I kind of understand them.

All we can do is use this time to grow stronger.

On the bright side, those messages about P2+ threshold are outdated, it is P4+ now.

Would you be able to share &/or link here the most updated or recent communication (from any official &/or trusted source: PG Employee/s, Moderators, Faction Members) stating it’s P4? For the interest of those that are, also, looking for clarification. Facts not hearsays please. TIA! :green_heart:

Quoting the ingame news/admin broadcast from the 5th of June 2021:

This is official, and more recent than the messages quoted above from December 2020. They even dropped the “stay 3 weeks” requirement they tentatively mentioned earlier. I think there was also something in the forums, but I cannot find it quickly.