Atlas access for teams

@PGDave. Please see previous forum post you made regarding atlas access and dates. Supposedly we were getting acces Nov. 15th. Still no access. I have an ongoing three week chain in support as well that you can review that outlines my displeasure with how this rollout is occurring. Why are you granting access to sapphire teams when there are diamond gems that have been there for awhile who don’t have access. This whole migration has been horribly executed and completely arbitrary. Clearly teams added later are at a competitive disadvantage so please have someone work on this with half a brain that understands ranking that rewards participation in your game.

That doesn’t sound right. @pgEcho normally handles this, but he caught the flu and probably is going to be on his back for a few days. I’m afraid he’s our rollout guru so you might have to wait a few more days but I know he’ll get back to you with a good answer as soon as he’s able. Sorry for the trouble Lati – Atlas still has a ways to go, especially with onboarding new teams better … it’s something we’re hard at work on though, fwiw!

Please see the update on this thread. Your team was granted access just today.

Thanks for the quick access resolution. Much faster and more fruitful than in game support!:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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