Atlas adjustment by leagues

Hi guys,been wondering if adjusting atlas land by leagues and giving each league one colour would help with this insane amount of teams playing in the same mega alliance.

So your league would have a respective colour and you’d be only able to interfere inside that colour/ league.

also take passage off the game. Only 5TA’s allowed.

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Leagues won’t work as people can sandbag leagues. You’d need to organize by clumps of APRs- either 0-50; or 0-100; etc.


There is a huge difference between rank 1-10 teams and teams rank 30-50. Grouping rank 1-100 (or even 1-50) will result in so much pain for the smaller teams.


It’s just something to think about and use with some adjustments.

Truth be told atlas became impossible the way it runs now, I don’t get the satisfaction from these mega alliances on hammering the hell out of smaller ones with no retribution at all. Something needs to be done.


Move rank to map determined by position relative to the center of the map remove castles and utilize positional attacking to support balanced play and actually provide a goal for the map that doesn’t support mega alliances and lag & piracy :+1:

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Leagues mean nothing.

We have APR 100 teams in Platinum and APR 50s (and even a 70) in the top sector of D1.

We should honestly just dissolve leagues and base everything off of APR, pvp events, wars, glory bands, etc etc.


Why not make it where you can a only attack teams within 100 point up or down from your rating?

By itself, this isn’t a good idea (e.g. Trap and blockade)


Something like this would make it work.

We all know that atlas need changes but we also know that one side will not allow to happen it …so this discussion is like grinding water and expecting butter output but nothing will come out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… no doubt atlas has become bully zone tottaly and high rank teams just showing their ego


There’s no real singular goal sandhu to drive conflict and supply a reason to fight ……
Never has been a offensive based goal
Sadly it’s simply about ego and acquisition of peace/defense which is a laughable core mechanic for a long term war game! :man_facepalming::boom:
Players are left with determining their own individual goals for the map which isn’t supporting team work because a personal goal is not a team based objective :man_shrugging:

Ego will only support short term conflict and isnt enough to drive conflict escalation on any map and it never will.
But castles will produce massive burden of defensive play and stagnation and piracy lol


lol well what happened to the other mega alliance besides them running away :stuck_out_tongue:

They were out spent and out consolidated and we’re in that position from day one so not surprisingly they couldn’t offer any long term competitive play and over time another alliance will rise to be crushed……
At the cost of the long term health of the player base :+1:

That’s the result of utilizing degradation mechanics and acquisition as our core goal.


What other mega alliance? There’s only one
Mega alliance. The rest are small resistance alliances.


well the small alliances have always band together like libs doa etc why can that side not work together anymore?

No singular game wide objective! :+1:
No singular team based goal and teams have no game wide objective………
So the will to fight is simply not there.
Kinda of need a goal :rofl:
And holding defense is a sad goal hence the pirates :pirate_flag: Lmao
Arrghhh matey! These land lubbers are trying to make peace :rofl:
That’s a hopeless goal that doesn’t support conflict……
Or teamwork :man_shrugging:
So yeah they eventually fail to work together and crumble under the weight of castle acquisition and defense of that acquisition!

But they need enemies to hit too

I mean, doa has a lot more teams than any other one alliance, unless something changed recently.

Er. I think you might be very very wrong there

Even if it is true. The top leagues are massively swayed one direction. And it isn’t ‘doa’.


Many people have point out that diamond is leaning one direction but it isn’t as big a difference as some think.