Atlas after update

Hello PG my atlas event n cheast it just loading n won’t open please fix it

Welcome to the forums! This is not the place to ask PG individual questions, you can do that through tickets. There’s only a handful of PG employees on here.

Have you tried all the classic solutions? (Refreshing, clearing storage, better WiFi, deleting and reinstalling)


The best thing to do would be to submit a ticket. Let support know, in as much detail as possible, what issues you’re having.


Submitting Tickets DOES NOTHING PG has blocked me from In Game Help and Support. I PAID FOR ONE MONTH OF ATLAS ELITE yet XP Bonus IS NOT being applied! It scrolls up to show what I’d get with Atlas Elite then scrolls back. I used web browser to Open Tickets and PG refuses to fix it AND refuses to answer. The only recourse players have is to contact Consumer Affairs and Gaming Commission to file complaints (especially about Pocket Gems illegal Gambling practices of Selling Rubies to use to trade for Chests of Chance rather than selling whatever might drop on a fair and open market!)

Atlas Elite does not include an XP bonus :thinking:

Atlas Elite does not include an XP bonus :thinking:

Then why does it show it in Atlas? Elite is Elite is Elite! You buy it for War Dragons get it in War Dragons buy it for Atlas get in Atlas! That’s how it is Marketed. That’s how it is SOLD. I do not expect getting Atlas notices in War Dragons nor War Dragon notices in Atlas! Geez! Straighten it out! Do you work for PG? Did you sell me Atlas Elite? Why can’t I get answers from those who did?

  1. If you are banned from submitting tickets then that means you were either spamming them with tickets or abusive to the customer service reps. Period.

  2. Regular elite gives you an xp bonus on all attacks, including Atlas. Atlas elite gives you a bonus to the amount of hats you can have, their refill speed, a bonus to the gold you get, and the shards you get. NOT xp.

  3. XP bonus in Atlas is determined by your team’s castles’ hq levels. The more castles the team has (up to 20) with level 12 hq, the higher the xp bonus the entire team receives from beasts. Infrastructure Table - Google Sheets