Atlas Algorithm Glory Question

I am level 467 so I would consider myself a mid level player. In Atlas, historically I’ve always obtained glory by using a trapper on defense. However, I’m at the level now where players from levels 500-570 can attack me with dragons four egg tiers higher than what my defenses can handle and still get full or almost full glory (to my knowledge). It’s near impossible for me to farm glory because I take huge troop losses every time for minimal glory. I was taught to load with 4.5k troops per run and each time I get only 6 chests due to all these high level players hitting me. Is this a problem for other people my level as well? And do people think the algorithm should be adjusted so that at the higher levels players would have to be only 50 or 25 levels above the other player to get 100% glory? It makes sense to me because of the increased amount of exp to level at the higher levels. So for instance, the jump from 200 to 300 is a lot, but 300 to 400 is even more and then 400 to 500 way more. It just doesn’t seem fair or balanced to me that players who are meant to hit tower levels 120-130 are hitting my 95s and getting full glory.


Do you get all the primarch buffs?

One of my ideas…

“Kill ratio penalty”

If the kill ratio is higher than 1:3(or4),
Attackers cannot destroy troops on the defender even if they succeed in the attack.

PG, please think about this. :pray:

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I really can’t tell when people are serious on the forums sometimes


I have a silver trapper one star level 8 I think. Atlas is p2w so no matter how hard I grind I can’t level up my prims anymore due to how much gold they cost. I could drop $20 for elite but no point since glory isn’t balanced anyway. I’d essentially be paying money just to feed higher level players.

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I was thinking about the same question at some point, as getting glory by defending wasn’t working. I was small and my primarchs were small and I just got murdered.

I found two solutions: swapping and NML. Swapping with someone doesn’t give you the best glory, and it isn’t good for troop numbers, but it’s still so much better than being slaughtered by enemies. The tricky part is finding someone with similar level and right primarch stats.

The other option is trying to hunt siegers in NML (probably Aligane). Instead of defending, attack with the trapper.

And good luck! It’s not easy to get to the higher levels, but it is doable!

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What is your team’s power rank?

Max towers level base
Max defensive gears
25% buff on G2 prime ( destroyer or trapper )

You will be okay.

I can invite you to in game chat to help you find glory swap partners if you need help. I would recommend doing swap instead of visiting Aligane if your prime and base is still weak.


My defenses are all maxed for my level and I have all maxed elite gear pieces with maxed Lorenzo on my perch. The problem is the glory algorithm incentivizes people 4 egg tiers higher to hit me; I appreciate the help though. I think for now I’ll just ask teammates to help hit people (which I personally hate doing because I know it’s unfair on the receiving end). But it is what it is, atlas doesn’t have fair pvp. I’ve seen the game decline quite a bit in the last couple years and this is probably a big reason why. Most people don’t have the patience to put up with it

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I agree with you.
2egg tires is just right…:thinking:
(Vanguard and below will need to be considered separately.)

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If you are on a team that’s higher in rank than your attackers are on, that’s guaranteed easy 50% gp ratio for your attackers even if the attackers are at much higher levels.

If your primarchs are sitting on t4 or higher castles, that’s a guaranteed easy 100% gp ratio for your attackers regardless of the level difference.

What’s gp ratio?
Attacker lost troops : get glory ?

{(Level component + team power component) / 2} part of the glory calculation.

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If you start talking about power imbalance in atlas, then it comes in all shapes and sizes. My suggestion would be not in a team with higher power rank because you wouldn’t find many players around your level higher you go. Don’t load a lot of troops and make yourself an attractive target. Get help from higher level players in your team to get glory or find a swapping partner or try your luck in Aligane till you reach 500+ or so level.

Changes you proposed is not going to happen or even if it happens, you will be an end game player by then. Good luck sniping.

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Then it might be your prime

I’m doing just fine on Aligane with a G2 destroyer. Before my swap partner and I have G1 & G2 prime, we just stick to swapping

I do agree with you about people hitting down though. It’s really annoying to get hit by people 100 lvl above you

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If you are looking for a team, you are welcome to join us at GloryFlames. We have 8/8 and 5/5 requirements though. The team has been very active with the atlas. Our top player averages between 1-3m kill a month including me… We’re around the same level I think. I remember watching your base video when I was moving up into 400s

I’m 495 now

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Thanks for checking that out, it means a lot! And I appreciate the offer but I like my team where I’m at. It looks like I just need to grind my prim levels until I’m a higher player level and then can get some fair pvp. Just wish devs would update the algorithm to give midgame players more of a chance but I highly doubt it’ll happen if it’s been this way for so long