Atlas Alliance Attack

This past weekend we did a huge alliance attack on a few team, sorry if it was you, nothing personal. It did not flow as expected because many people had issues with moving. We kept receiving " could not add waypoint" also people on my team did not get glory but lost troops . Is there a max amount of movement? I put in a support ticket and the response I receive was the team is aware and once they find out what is going on it will be published under known bugs.For a while I was stuck in enemy territory with 14k troops. Did we break Atlas :woman_shrugging: I haven’t seen anything on the forums about this being addressed or fix. Isn’t this the purpose of atlas to attack and take land. How and when will this issue be resolved?

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Thanks for the heads up. We’re aware of the issue and have put in some improvements already. We’re working on more too. Believe it or not, overall error rates are down (even with the hiccups) … working on eliminating those hiccups!


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