Atlas Alliances (help please)

So, i’ve been around atlas for a while and i still haven’t found out how to go about 5TA or alliances in general? Geniuses of war dragons, please help a kid out😛

Can you elaborate more on what it is you want to do with a 5ta? Join one? Create one?

Basically only officers can see most of the buttons. All showing on the alliance tab of the right hand control buttons (where the manage and missions buttons are, you may have to expand it first)

You can sort of search and browse if you have the buttons for it. But not all players get All of them last I checked.

There really is no mechanism to find a 5ta or teams without one. That’s basically manual or done outside or the game.

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Joining one. Am i supposed to randomly join one or first speak to the team that created the 5TA?

Join Dread 5TA… and then All PG will try and find what is wrong with the game… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I will be happy when they spend sooo much time why they cant meet their investor’s requirements…


You are supposed to do whatever works for you. But the game won’t assist you in finding one. Mostly the 5ta owner does scouting and recruiting. Often using line chats and Facebook groups.

I am not sure if the lack of tools to find alliances with openings (or find teams without alliances) is a result of not wanting to encourage alliances or a lack of time to add code or some of both. But the game will not help you do this in its current form.


You may want to start a “searching for 5TA” post. Say a little something about your team, what you have to offer, etc. I’d be surprised if you didn’t get some dialogue going that way.


I messaged you in game, I may be able to help :blush:


Join line chats. Make friends. Ally with friends.

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I’ve just been trying to make cookies this whole time… should have known I can’t cookie my way into a 5ta :rage:


Do you need a 5ta? :thinking:


Ah, thank you, that helps,

Yes about that, how do i join these line chats😂
I am aware about almost everything atlas related, just can’t workout alliances😂

Make friends in League chat, then ask them to add you on line. :upside_down_face:

You can add me if you want, Lathra


I’m 100% sure you could cookie your way into many. Maybe not one you want, but it definitely would work for many.


@Lx460 had a podcast line chat. Maybe join that one if it’s still going on.


I heard they stopped the podcast because no one listened to that thing

I listened to it :woman_shrugging:t2:

I loved it. Best war dragons content available.

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Stopped? They did an ep like a week or two ago.

prove us that you’re a kid first. :joy::rofl:

but yeah, you can always just try asking teams around your castles if they have a spot open in theirs.