Atlas Alliances

lets just say for example if Four main D1 teams formed an agreement with there alliances and decided to take over the whole of Atlas, what’s to stop them, who could stop them. If this happened wow. Uh oh look over your shoulder,

Boredom. Boredom would stop them.


This already exists. The “main” alliances that everyone is claiming to be “affiliated” with are D1 teams that have clustered together and are warring other D1 teams. The rest of us are cattle.

You’re right about the issue, but it’s already happened. Realize that if some hypothetical D1 team (let’s call them Breadnot) has a 5ta with other D1 teams, and there are 80-something teams that all claim to be affiliated with them. If this cluster of teams were able to claim, let’s say, roughly half of the map in atlas, AND they were all willing to placate to the needs and the demands of the mighty Bread, then Bread and its D1 5TA would already own-by-proxy roughly half of the map.

If another rival hypothetical D1 team (let’s call them BroTurkeyHoarder) did the same thing, and enabled their D1 5TA and their cluster of affiliated teams to seize the other half of the map…then the result would be that two separate clusters of D1 teams would by proxy own, essentially, the entire map.

This leaves us, the cattle, with the stark reality of fighting over breadcrumbs, not knowing who is actually allied with who, and living under a constant threat of attacking “the wrong person” and having the entire of one of these alliances descend upon our heads.

Welcome to Atlas :smiley:


Someone needs to create this as an alliance name.


Look at Eve Online and the history of 0 space alliances and control. Atlas is a similar meta, obviously they aren’t identical but close enough to get some ideas of the drama we will have for years to come.

That has already happened but you still have other teams battling against them, look at dread and all the diamond teams that’s with them and speaking of that pg needs to allow us to have a main alliance identifier to prevent alliances hitting alliances when it’s a large battle for castles. It’s stupid you would think that they would have thought of something like this before

Agree to disagree. I think the so called “alliances” are the problem. These endless webs of teams that are tied together are choking the life out of Atlas. YES…it’s good that your easny weansy little castle is on a “no hit list”, but this entire arrangement is ONLY benefitting the teams at the top.

We need to blow up the alliances. Everyone gets a 5TA, everyone gets a home base, let us all grow and expand our castle infrastructure endlessly…but it should be much harder to keep 30 castles.

There needs to be no real advantage to being “allied” with so many teams.

If PG is going to stand back and allow Diamond, Sapphire, and Platinum teams to all compete against one another in the no holds barred arena that is Atlas, then they need to create some sort of handicap mechanism that allows Platinum teams to defend their land against higher level teams.

I think it would be a lot more fun if Atlas was more like the event Kingdom Wars. You always have your home castle, and you can war to expand in any direction.

But oh well…it is what it is :wink:


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