Atlas AMA June 2 2020

As promised, I’m devoting a bunch of time this morning to answering forum questions. I decided that an impromptu AMA is the way to go, so here we are. First, just a few ground rules & information points.

  • I play War Dragons and Atlas every day, but I also know that I am still learning. No doubt I will learn things in this thread.
  • I probably won’t be able to answer everything here, and of course if there are a lot of folks asking questions, I might not get to everything. I’m very open to doing a followup later this week or early next week, but we’ll wait and see if that’s needed.
  • I really do appreciate the community and all the feedback. It’s a tough time for many out there in the real world. Let’s do our best to discuss the issues and stay focused on improving War Dragons.

I see the following as the general Roadmap for Atlas. No doubt timelines will change and new ideas will arise, but the current plan looks like:

I’m going to start with the 4 questions that Panda posted a few days ago.

  1. PGDave answers this in his thread about the land shuffle. Atlas Proposal: Seasonal Land Shuffle TLDR it will reduce map stagnation and lay the groundwork for additional features to improve Atlas.
  2. Yes it is a new map. It’s a randomized map based on parameters we are currently setting up and experimenting with. It will use the same visual assets as the old map but the land will be a different shape. The shape will change at the beginning of each season when we do this ‘shuffle.’
  3. Swapping teams will still be allowed, of course, but with the 14-day cooldown and many player’s enjoyment of and loyalty to their teams mean that the shuffle will still be effective. Also alliances will mostly be grouped together, so they’ll be able to respond to such events.
  4. With a different, more connected map (see the proposal thread about reduced castle depth), there will be different, and we believe, more Atlas action.
  5. Map shuffle is just the starting point of future improvements and changes.
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I’m just here to say I like atlas the way it is (I’m a pirate). Don’t change it too much, please. :grin:


Map shuffle does not change pirate teams. Also please don’t snipe my baby primarchs when I’m harvesting beasts in NML.


I’m a pirate, not a jerk. :joy:

I generally only hit primarchs carrying more than 10k troops. Less than that isn’t worth the time to me.


There’s another question I should get to right up front:
We’re right now in the midst of figuring out the details for extending the season and launching the next season with Map Shuffle late in July. That may change, but it’s what we’re investigating and planning this week. This may change! As details are clarified I’ll bring them here.


Wasnt it easier just to make castles not more than two bubbles deep. Just add few more safe zones and nmls
Where you there at last Atlas rollout occurred and how teams ( like mine) struggled and older teams were deep and safe on that part of the map with no sz or nml?

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A lot of people opened and spent their excess chests with the release of the ‘open all chests’ feature. As the announcement for the extended season and extra prizes came late, a lot of these people did not save their excess chests and badges for this unexpected situation.

Will you be doing anything for them?

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Regular, seasonal shuffles lay a healthier foundation for the long term.


There will be time to earn more chests and badges! We are also doing our best to make the new prizes accessible to players in lots of different situations. Do you have a specific suggestion you want to put forward?


Will u consider , clustering teams based on leagues in atlas , I mean if bottom leagues are dead . I run two teams , Sapphire 1 and Plat team , the difference is huge . Plat teams are just feeder teams .

What will the new prize branches be?

Will the number of access castles a team holds be a percentage of the number of castle that they own?

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Working on the details now; I can probably preview them at the end of this week. Btw, I attacked your base. I lost.


Over the large population that will be true on average. Note that averages do a poor job of describing any one team or alliance’s situation.

Honestly I’d just refund all the excess badges used on shards. I personally didn’t claim that much, but the exchange rates on those are ridiculously low anyway and probably won’t affect your bottom line on the new prizes that much. Players should be able to plan for their seasons instead of anticipating upsets and late notices on the dev team’s part. Seems like a bad road to go down.


This is a valid point and I’ll investigate this option. I’m being very careful to make no promises on this one but I’ll take it back to the team today! Appreciate the practicality and specificity.


What would the average be? 20% of owned castle would now be directly accessed through nml/nz 30%, 10%?

Thank you for the measured, sane response, and for promising to look into it. :slight_smile:

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Hahaha. When did you do that? I’m curious to know who you are.

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