Atlas and castles without Castle guards

Hi there. I come to you to said you that i’m not agreed to certain teams (pirates) have same benefits like my bigger teams/alliances in atlas castle leaderboard… well these teams have a lot a castles but have you checked their castle guards? They have 40/45 castles OK but they have 2k castles guards on each castles… to you at me… did you think personally it fair? They do not load up their guards just because they do not want to be under attack by their enemy but their enemy have mostly load their guards just because it’s the game! Your game! But pirates just kill the game because of their no fair game to their enemy and become killed just by courtesy of you and the game. Personally you’d have to fix that Castle guards and add a bot for adding Castle guards automatically.


But life isnt fair correct? I personally dont care if they has a castle with low gaurd counts. If youre mad about it, why dont you just conquer the castle? The life of an atlas pirate has changed ALOT since atlas first came out and it will still change. This form of pirating is just the current way.

But i do agree to one thing, adding a bot or maybe a reminder about gaurd count on a castle might be nice. I know last pvp near the end my team had received a castle and everyday i had to remember to hire guards in order to keep the castle. My memory is that of a fly, and i think a reminder of, 'castle x is low on troops. Go now to, insert coords here, to hire more!" Would be nice

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Hi there . I come to you to tell you that I do not agree that most teams part of the largest mega alliance have the same/ almost same benefits like my team / alliance in atlas castle leaderboard . Well these teams have a lot of super safe and high value castles but have you checked their atlas activity ? They have a ranking in the top 25 leaderboard but they have hardly any activity in Atlas and only are able to hold these castles because they bow and nod their head to anything their mega alliance overlords say … to you and me … do you think personally it’s fair ? They do not do any attacks because they don’t know offensive gameplay , they only swap castle guards during pvp and do glory swaps in castles or NML . Mega alliance just kill the game because of their no fair game to their enemy and have ruined the game for you and I.

There , I fixed it for you :beer:


This might actually be one of the more amusing crying posts I’ve ever read :joy: and finally a player from a team involved with the largest single alliance admitting it exists…shock horror. Maybe this is bad Halloween joke?


Don’t waste time, go conquer said castles and load it up with guards!!! Fix this imbalance you speak of! We will thank you a million times over :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You know, I have recently come to empathize with you. However, there are many other things to fix before this, otherwise we will just find ourselves back into a situation of teams disbanding left and right (well, not that that went away completely). In the end, as Harsha somewhat pointed out, this is a symptom of a bigger issue. We have a lot of frankly useless, swap only teams holding great castles they never have to defend because they are protected by better teams, or drop castles to said teams whenever any problems arise. So you can’t conquer good castles, can’t keep areas long because mega alliances won’t let that happen, can’t hope to win against an enemy, but still want to have fun and play the game, what do u do? Well, you make sure you have nothing to lose and still can get the resources from the game to keep up with your high activity. That’s how many of the high ranking pirates were born.
Tbh one can make the argument that the castle bonuses are more wasted on teams that only swap than on pirates who actually have high offensive activity.


Piracy is the only reason I haven’t quit yet. I wouldn’t even care if benefits in terms of tokens or whatever were a little less bc the freedom is what brings all the fun
But that was a cute rant :joy:


Conquer those castles and put there your team’s guards - problem solved


It’s stupid easy to conquer these castles because, the problem isn’t pirates, its the amount of castles compared to the amount of teams needing castles. No one wants an access, they all want 10 deep safes. So pirates can hold all the access they want.

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I want castle guards to be gone entirely anyways for all teams. :grin:

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No one wants to fight , they want 10 deep safes they can buy with loyalty or gold and then enjoy their benefits :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


I disagree that those things are worse for the game than mega alliances, but I suppose it’s a matter of opinion.

OSolution is for your team to hit the mega alliance that you help out and protect, then everyone will hold castles meaningful again, atm you guys hit a low portion of teams that either have to hold castles with barely any guards to get the atlas benefits weaker teams in your mega alliance get and they should get or they don’t hold many castles. We have teams warring for t2s and t3s that don’t need these castles, they should be warring on t4s and t5s. The issue with atlas is a lot deeper then castle guards that really shouldnt exist especially at high amounts just promotes swapping which is the easy way in atlas.

Solutions remove passage, remove surrender, lock 5tas for long periods, lower guards on all castles.

Or even better solution calculate the atlas season rewards on a better more current scale, maybe on troops killed on castles that isn’t done in the pvp bubble, and don’t include nmls obviously, and remove egg tokens from the castle benefits and put them in an atlas activity category instead or add them
Into league bonuses

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Why don’t we jus all get together on one castle and play king of the mountain :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is just to funny. Is someone taking your easy food away? Do someone have the audacity to say they don’t wanna be your glory hole and play the game like you want it to be played?

How rude, we should all be grateful for the opportunity to feed you I guess. Especially during glory event right?

First a mega alliance more or less ruins the game for a lot of people being that overpowered. Teams disbanding, players getting burned out defending constantly against an enemy who more or less owns the map and in many ways won the war and the game.

But some still wants to play and enjoy the game, so they find their own way of enjoying the game again, a strategy to survive and continue playing. Sorry if you don’t like it, that mega alliance of yours contributed greatly to make some feel it was necessary.

Don’t feel bad tho, I’m sure conventional armies cried about guerrilla tactics as a strategy against them too


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Please refrain from call outs on this thread, that is warning to both sides on this discussion.


Behaving sounds boring :no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

Hmm… if leaderboard and season-end prizes can even be half of the causes, then maybe we should change how that works to how many guards are up. :joy: (or remove guards altogether. :grin:)


So you feel it’s okay to stay buried with gifted castles and a panic button ready to be pushed bc you can’t hold you’re own?

I don’t think you fully understand what some teams went thru. We have always had pirates but there is a reason people sort to this solution as a tool to survive