Atlas and the inconsequent of the Gamemasters


i Think you make some bullcrap with Atlas.
The Rollout are very unpredictable and very arbitrarily.
the Suggestion of atlas is Platin league and higher becomes the entry to Atlas, but you and your Team are not consquent.
Some teams reched Platin and stand in there some weeks and have not Atlas, and some teams who relegated to lower leagues have atlas, and doesn not work with them or the teams are disbanded and the Entry is useless.

If you will show you Work for the game and teh System you should Delete The Entrys from lower Leagues and set new entrys, the Situation in some Leagues are now very unevenly.


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No. If a team doesn’t have it already than they have to reach sapphire 3 for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks.

As for the rest of your post, there have been plenty of posts saying the same thing.


Additionally, after the 3 weeks in Sapphire, the team must message support and request access to Atlas. Then, access is granted at the beginning of the next Atlas season.


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Now, this is my problem.
My guild is now some weeks in platin, but we have many bad issues.
If members join us, they see ’ no atlas, I will go’

We have no chance to grow and raise because new meme er dosnt stay at us…

The next problem without atlas we have no chance to forge equipment like others.
This is why I’m say inconsequent, because the balance in the leagues are very bad.
Teams they have no atlas, becomes no chance to grow and raise and to become atlas.

There are a lot of posts about this already. They all boil down to

  • it might be unfair
  • it won’t change
  • either move to an atlas team or get good enough to reach sapphire

Yes, it’s hard. But it’s not impossible; teams have made the climb successfully.

Back then when no Atlas teams existed(or they did, just that they were only beta testers or high league teams), teams without it still made the climb and they managed successfully. Was it difficult? Maybe. Was it impossible? No

I talk about the inconsequent, because some Teams in lower Leagues have Atlas and dont use it.
The GM`s are doenst react for this Imbalance of the System.

The next question i have ist, if so many Posts exists about this, why ?
Maybe someone should rethink the Idea and the Situation and make some smarte Decisions, now.

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