Atlas Annihilation ( atlas 3.0 )

Hey guys I think this is the best way to make atlas super active and make it a much more “offence” based map instead of a “stagnant defenced” based map.

This is a draft and ill update over the next few days. Likely it gets flamed to hell but ill give it a crack anyway.

I took inspiration from @malik

This will do three things -

A) Reduce lag - smaller fights all over the map instead of concentrated mass fights
B) Facilitate a much more aggressive castle conquest style game. Positional dominance is king instead of defending.
C) Reduce the need for mega alliances because there is more access and because every team will want to optimize positional dominance.

Guiding principles

Atlas bonuses

Under this system no team will ever be worse off in the new system when compared to the old system.

Your teams current bonuses as they are today will be permanently saved and known as the “Legacy Archived Rate” - LAR

When bonuses are calculated each day your team will receive either the current rate that your team has earned in atlas.3.0 or the LAR, which ever is greater.

Atlas Assets

Minimal changes to existing assets and functionaltiy to make the change simpler. I.e. we will keep castles, primarchs, events, 5tas - etc.

Map structure

Zoomed out the map will loom like a real world. Oceans, rivers, mountains etc.

In the center of the map we will have T6 castles (new) followed by T5 all the way out to T1 and finally T0 on the outskirts.

T0 is mostly SZ hexes with some red NML red zones for free for all play.

Strong desirable castles in the middle and weak castles on the outside of the map.

Instead of the current atlas where stuff is all over the place.

Each player will have a castle so teams will have 0-50 castles. ( 50 max )

This means significantly more castles which will be much easier to conquer to encourage frequent turn over.

Atlas will be of a similar size as it is today it will just have smaller hexes. ( so we can zoom in another 10% )

I don’t have a hex map generator but zoomed in it could look like this (but prettier because this image is ugly as sin)

And with a key :

Welcome to Atlas Anhialation!

On week 1 day 1 - D1 will be added to the new map. D1 teams will start on the outskirts and fight their way to the center of the map. (Assuming they want the strongest castles)

Their old castles in Atlas classic will immediately be transformed into SZ safe castles.

Every 7 days the next league ( or part of a league ) will be added, all the way down to G1.

Teams will generally cluster or hive castles together for safety. Weaker teams may also wish to 5ta cluster.

We would also want to save current atlas so we can revert back to it after 2 months if this idea is a total trainwreck.

Castle CG

Players will be responsible for hiring their own CG in the same way as teams manage it today.

However CG amounts will be much smaller.

T0 Safe Zone
T1 15,000
T2 30,000
T3 45,000
T4 60,000
T5 75,000
T6 90,000

Your team leaders base is the capital and has 5x these CG base stats.

Officer castles are regional keeps and have 3x these CG base numbers.

Castles will no longer bubble on heavy damage. Bubbles will only exist for patches, main game pvp events or on take over events.

This will make conquoring of castles much faster and encourage positional dominance.

Players will use their prims, team mate prims or 5ta prims to protect their castles.

Fog of War

Generally map hexes will look “greyed” out whem zoomed in and you will only see the territory your team and your 5ta hold. You won’t see castles or prims on the other side of the map for instance.

  • You can also see hexes +2 from any castle your team owns.
  • You can also see hexes +1 from any castle your 5ta owns.
    -Siegers have greater vision and can see +5 hexes from the castle it is stationed on.

Fog of war should reduce lag and optimize computations.

What can I attack?

Any castle adjacent to where your prim is currently stationed.

Your prim can always go to any SZ castle or any castle in your 5ta. From there you can fly out 1 hex (Destroyer, trapper and Taunter) or 2 hexes (Sieger)

Generally this is a castle next door to your teams castles or your 5tas castles.

To attack CG you need more troops than the top 3 prims stationed there.

To take a castle all CG must be dead and your prim needs to have more troops than the combined prims stationed there.

Similar rules to current atlas.

I took a castle and killed it now what?

On taking a castle a shield triggers and lasts for 6 hours, on taking the castle you have three options :

Conquor. This castle becomes your new home castle. Your old home castle no longer offers bonuses to your team. It can be occupied by someone in your team or 5ta within 6 hours or it turns neutral.

Pillage. You earn 1% of the opposing teams gold. Castle turns neutral and can be conquered again by any team.

Occupy. If a teammate doesn’t have a castle this option allows you rehome them. A 6 hour shield pops on rehome to let them get setup.

I lost my home castle now what?

You are now homeless. You can spawn on any castle owned by your team. Or you can spawn at the SZ.

Any surviving prims stay where they were.

From here you will want to take a castle near your hive or potentially take an easier T1 near the SZ zone if you are low on troops.

While you don’t need a home it will impact your teams bonuses by not having one.

Teams will generally want to stay clustered together because just about every castle is a gate.

what about beasts / gold mines?

They will be moved off the atlas map. Instead from the main in game screen there will be a new button below atlas that takes you to a solo map where you can see your castle and pve barbarian villages.

You can attack barbarian pve villages for gold.

I always thought it was weird that in the current atlas we attack beasts… to really fight a base. I mean what gives where is the beast?


They will be capped but 30-40% higher than they currently are now.

No top team will want to give up their safe 10 deep homes for a new map for the same rewards with greater risk. So the rewards for new T6 castles need to be decent. In fact they need to be awesome!

What about team bank?

Click on any castle your team owns or any SZ castle to access team bank.


Ill keep adding soon.


it looks complicated :face_with_monocle:


Wow you really thought this out, I hate everything… just kidding I am Pro change in almost anyway, keep this going :+1: thanks Danger


Over time, I can see team shells with large LAR becoming a place to park semi-active alts. Should probably phase them out over 6 months or so.


I’m not sure “fog of war” would reduce lag since the server is still handing the same about whether or not the client can view it. Also, the same could probably be achieved by only showing local prims on the map when its zoomed in a bit.

I didn’t understand the leader/officer castle thing. I think individual ownership would just get confusing.

I’m not sure a staged start is necessary, and keeping the legacy atlas map alive may really confuse things if there is a rollback.

It may be safer to just to keep atlas as it is, and then make this new mode a new map. Then you won’t need legacy rewards, phased starts, or possible rollbacks.


@MALIK wakeup and weigh in

:raised_hands: have fun. I’m out :wink:


now that i think about it sounds cool



Fog of war can replaced with set a distance equals set amount of time!
Each hex would be x amount of distance and time.
But when we click on a hex close by we can see troop counts and fog of war could apply to simply viewing what’s at that island pg could determine how far we see and this makes attacking long distance and in mass with other teams very difficult and risky because you can see the islands over there but you can’t see troop counts!


So using set distance travel will be slow for long range attacks and yes you can attack all the way across to others side of the map even but it would take hours of real time and your enemy would see you moving and be alerted as soon as the attack is launched.

So this gives them time to bring reinforcements in so attacking would be done mostly with short distances attacks to gain the advantage of surprise and long range attacks would require massive troops!

Yep because your enemy will be waiting and you better be sure you coordinate well and bring allies for major long distance conquests and so those would be rare and difficult to pull off.
So that would happen mainly when a team wants to push up move from sapphire to diamond or from platinum to sapphire!
The red rings would represent each league as you move inward towards the center and diamond!

So pg could utilize movement to prevent mega alliances and it could easily be adjusted to make map smaller or bigger depending on how much time it takes to cross a single hex we will be able to tune travel times!

Attacking will be more common with shorter travel times and less common with longer travel times and they can tune this to balance the amount and frequency of long distance attacking and keep conflict escalation at a reasonable level.

The continent of atlas sinks back into the ocean and the new map is covered in ocean and our bases are the only thing that didn’t sink this explains why each players base looks in disrepair!

We remove the castles completely and replace them with small islands this ties the map into the core game we don’t have castles we have island bases and we have always had islands!
This will make atlas feel like it’s more part of the core game instead of a stand alone feature because each players island base is on the map day one!

So each hex has the same value in each region the outer ring is bronze league and hex’s are all the same value and each ring gets more valuable as you move inward.

We place each players base on the map and the red rings determine bonuses and as you move inward your rewards improve!

So each hex has a small Island and we claim that small island.chain in each hex and that represents each players base so teams would cover 50 hex clusters and teams would have to coordinate and be active to push forward together and take a better position.

So you make a attack and once you conquer your neighbors island and kill all
His troops you can take it and move your base forward allowing your team to shift forward into your spot and hex’s are not kept a teams cluster will move but will always only occupy 50 hex’s

What happened to your neighbor? Lol
Well he lost all his troops and his team defended admirably but alas your attack was to potent and he lost all his troops! Lol
So he gets sent to the edge of the map where all dead accounts are pushed to and when a player gets killed he gets sent to bronze league where he can build back enough troops to attack inward long distance and since there’s no glory out there unless your level 10 he won’t want to stay long lol

So his team will need to be ready to defend him when he takes a new castle or his team will need to take one and open a spot inside the team cluster so he has a place to land lol :rofl:

Well I’ll keep adding to and editing this as well and somewhere in between these two concepts and ideas put forth by the community we will show pg whats needed
for long term play
maybe if we describe it they will actually consider building it when we show it can be profitable as well as supply players with a game that doesn’t stagnate or degrade into mega alliances piracy and lag :sunglasses:
We need to show seamless integration and solid revenue potential :facepunch::sunglasses:


Ok I stopped reading here . Good luck


well i have a feeling alot will rage and not like this in game
would be glitchy and difficult :hot_face:


Guess all we can do is try :smiley:

Tbh I would be happy with any change to positional dominance over the current stagnant defence is king methodology!

It’s a valid concern but I suspect PG have made some changes behind the scenes recently content has been released to a high standard.

-Crystal caves was pretty clean
-Open all chests no severe bugs or defects.
-Recent minor patches all perfect.

I feel more confident in PGs ability to release quality code right now than compared to six months ago. Whatever changes they made behind the scenes with people and or processes is working well.


I believe Maliks original thread on the basic genesis of how short term and long term strategy games are built makes a lot of sense.

It resonated with me and it was a real light bulb moment. The current drawback with the current iteration became crystal clear.

Even my take on Maliks thoughts would need a lot of work and tweaks and even then there are no guarantees.

I know both Malik and myself can complain a lot on these forums but we do have the games longevity and best interests at heart :slight_smile:

Appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback anyway :slight_smile:

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i feel some atlas bugs and glitches are gone
cuz i can move my primarch easily with no bug :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree atlas lag has been greatly improved for smaller scale events. ( five players attacking a castle )

But it still grinds to a catastrophic stop if people load prims 100k troops and or it gets to a 5ta v 5ta conflict or higher.

I have prims that are completely unresponsive that won’t move for 20 minutes. The combat engine is unable to calculate results.

I just don’t believe the technology stack on a mobile phone / tablet can handle more than 20 players elegantly and to be honest even a PC with vastly superior resources struggles with 40v40.

Looks intereseting but how exactly does this demotivate mega alliances? I get that the more turnover and a lot of access makes it harder to organize with a mega alliance. But they’ll just cluster together and make a mega cluster. The inside of the cluster will be hard to hit with the long travel times and warnings and they can protect the edges.

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My thinking is that if the T6s have enough positional value then more teams will want to compete for them.

Right now there are enough T5s and T4s to go around so the mega alliances are empowered to merge up because everyone can share in the rewards.

A small number of Uber T6 castles could give a bit more diversity to Diamond it would be ideal if there were 10 legitimate diamond 5tas that were competing for great rewards.

Rather than what we see now. 16 of the top 25 teams are one faction. 6 teams make up the next biggest faction. 2 teams make up the third strongest faction and 1 team makes up the 4th biggest faction.

The other thing we see with the current map is fresh low ranked atlas teams worth zero glory take up gate positions.

Behind that hide Sapphire teams.

Behind them are Diamond teams.

The current layout encourages us to love our castles and defend them strategically which as a result causes stagnation and makes attacking gates very unrewarding.

As players we will always seek to optimize and that is exactly what we have done with min/maxing access to valuable real estate.


This applies to the higher teams. You expect the lower teams to not form big alliances?

I expect this will result in huge fights, which is one of the main 3 points you wanted to solve. Especially if they are all grouped together, wouldnt that just become the most glitchy free for all ever?

This in indeed a problem your atlas version would solve, that would be great. I do wonder how many castles were you thinking about creating. If the diamond teams are fighting over a small number of T6 hexes. Won’t they just park a few prims in the lower tiers and have a couple of free hexes there?

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All good points!

The level of conflict at the T6s probably would be an issue and its a valid point.

Hopefully we would see more 5v5 instead of 16v2 which might reduce the scale slightly.

There are a few mechanics that we would throw in like spacing out the T6s with more landscape hexes so that individual castles could have “instances” basically localized cloud computers that process only actions at that castle.

Less active castles could have an instance for 5-10 castles and SZ might be fine with one for the entire zone.

If you watch the code as soon as you load into atlas your device is constantly polling the server for new data. And it does this even if you are not scrolling anywhere or clicking on anything.

Atlas is soaking up large amount of resources even when nothing is happening. Rebuilding atlas could be an opportunity to optimize some technical debt and clean up the code.

From memory the castle distribution is as follows :

T5 x 152
T4 x 713
T3 x 2,141
T2 x 7,066
T1 x 1,212

Approx 11,000 castles.

My vision would look like this

T6 x 52
T5 x 102
T4 x 713
T3 x 2,141
T2 x 7,066
T1 x 15,212
T0 x 1,212

25,000 castles with 50 or so T5s promoted to T6.

My vision and I could be wrong is that the top 25 teams would have 0-3 T6s each

Then 0-6 T4s each

Likely the rest of their castles would be T3s.

This means they should be concentrated to the middle of the map.

Diamond teams playing diamond teams and gold teams playing gold teams on T1 castles.

I need to read this fully. But on first glance, this looks like kingdom wars


dramatic music

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