Atlas API Discussion Thread

Discuss the Atlas API here, alongside any requests or questions about endpoints.

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Nice! Any restrictions on who can register?

I’m waiting for the game to break in two weeks.
It will be nice if I’m wrong.


You are just a Negative Nancy lately. :joy:

Not as far as I know. As long as you have a valid e-mail address to generate an API key, you can go right ahead.

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@Hwrd Please keep comments on-topic and constructive.

This is great and long overdue, thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The available endpoints seem pretty limited. Will these be the only endpoints available after the two week transition period, i.e. all currently available endpoints will no longer be accessible?


That is correct, but please indicate any additional ones you wish to be implemented. If it’s something that fits within privacy protection guidelines, we can work on getting those in.


Very nice so far. What is in the roster under the team? Will it give a player’s public profile info?

Thank you for finally implementing this. :heart_eyes:

Not sure if I’m just being clueless, but there seems to be a pile of missing information here. I’ve gone through the ID creation and have the app ID and secret. What I’m missing is any clue as to how to use them.

Such things as
1) Where is the api endpoint?
2) How do I authenticate requests (using the ID/secret)? I assume I have some hashing to do and extra fields to add to each request.
3) When is the auth_url used and what can I expect to receive on it?
4) How does the auth_url fit into the overall authorization for data access?

Is there a document I have missed? A simple example using node or python would go a long way.

Couple of questions on API:

  1. Is it throttled (hope so, for your sake)?
  2. Any sub-queries to get more targeted information:
    • Can download the world but can I download a (polygonal or centered) region?
  3. the use of “cont_ids” in the castle_info query seems a bit confused as elsewhere cont_idx is used and only identifies a single castle in a cell. Explanation probably needed.
  4. would be nice to have the ability to download the polygonal representation and colouring of the world cells for presentation purposes.

Looks like the developers have unfortunately just handed a very basic overview to @PGEggToken and failed to properly document (or document at all) how the apis are expected to work.

@PGEggToken Does PG have technical writers? I suppose there hasn’t been a need for one until now.


Thank you. Several years overdue, but its here now.

Please, please please publish the API docs properly on the dev portal?
I develop API’s for a living, and thats just standard practice. Publishing simple output on a forum post is a start, but please don’t make a habit of doing things half arsed like that…



A couple of things right away that are missing.

  1. The authentication scheme is not described. (And yes, I have an API key, and yes as an experienced API dev I can make some good educated guesses but this wont help others)

  2. For the love of God, please use current terminology. Ships? I only know about “ships” because I have been playing this game for a very long time…


With this a lot of my work is going right down the trash but I’m still quite happy about it and like many said way overdue, but, this seems like it was way too rushed, the dev portal is… way under expectations and like some mentioned above, it lacks documentation.

That said I still have high hopes for this, but you really gotta take a second look at it.


Another thing, you may want to change the links to the developer portal to https instead of http.

Don’t want proxies sniffing people’s login information


You would think that there are more important things to work on in Atlas… you delayed developing them to work on this ??? :face_vomiting:


I’m willing to disagree on this. Depending on how the alliances react it might be a good thing for Atlas. It won’t change much at the top but maybe the smaller plats can get some action without having to check against a 1000 line long list of “no conquer” clans based on a 3 year old semi agreement. Maybe a few very low performing clans being used as nothing more than a buffer will finally end up where they belong and the stronger more active ones have some room to grow. Maybe.

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Every alliance already developped bots to do that and smaller plat teams have access to it . So now they have two weeks to adapt or it’s back to what you described…

I mean, it’s a good first step but why only two weeks??

I agree … when people who play the game go crazy in the forums or in LC, it isn’t because they lacked an open API to access game data.

People go crazy in the forums and LC because the game is BROKEN, full of GLITCHES, and dragon spells DONT’T WORK as advertised.

Now, I DO SUPPORT their move to make an open API. It’s great for fair play. ASSUMING:

  • Every team has a developer
  • Said developer is willing to create a bot / website for their team

Is this going to be a new recruiting factor?

  • What tier are you breeding?
  • How many kills do you get monthly?
  • How many troops do you have?
  • Are you an IT specialist who can develop a bot / website from a poorly documented public API?

The big teams and alliances won’t skip a beat here. They already have developers pooled from within their mega alliance working on this stuff.

The smaller teams, those not in mega alliances, they will not actually benefit from this. So in practicality, there still won’t be any “fair play”. Fair opportunity yes, but in reality nothing is going to actually change.

Great idea; poorly executed / implemented.


Is blocking use of bot tools really the solution to the game that is broken af now? Clearly not.