[Atlas] Atlas Aftermath Season - Official Discussion thread

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What are your thoughts on the season and Rider?
  • Can’t wait for the start! (Positive)
  • It’s fine (Neutral)
  • Not particularly excited (Negative)

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The rider looks nice, high HP stat (hopefully we can get all 37% plus the 10 rage)
@RamenWithSoup Any chance we can see her skill tree and how many skill points she’ll get?

I really wish we could claim a full set of mythic offensive or defensive gear instead of two half sets. I have 2 sets of mythic defensive gear, I have no desire to claim more but I would like to get the other half of an offensive set so Im not waiting around. I’d rather see it like

  • Attack gear (Offensive or Defensive pieces)
  • HP gear (Offensive or Defensive pieces)

Once I finish the offensive gear line I lose most of my interest in atlas until the next season.

Side question: So who is the lady with the claws on the loading screens? Is she this season’s 2nd rider or is she just a future portrait?


Really liking that the drops from chests are buffed, but would like crafting scroll drops either removed from lines or decreased in drop frequency in chests.

It’s a resources that I have way more of than I could ever hope to use (in the region of about 700x more) and hurts every time I am forced to t claim a prize node with them (or in this case get a chest drop).

In the season rewards section there are 71k scrolls claimable (taken directly from the announcement), that is approximately 1 month of constant crafting (without speeding up) of the items that cost the most scrolls (sword and shield), and over 11 months of the ones that cost the least


I was wondering the same thing regarding Wolverines sister :smiley:

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This is very similar to the black pearl situation, however it’s much better to have more than needed than not have enough. Yes, they do water down the drops for a lot of players, but if they didn’t it’s likely the other drops wouldn’t be buffed as much.

Think about if there weren’t enough. The opposite would be requested, to increase how many there are. So now that there are enough, asking for them to be removed or reduced will create a problem for newer players. So best to just be grateful for having more than what we need with some resources.


I am very happy to see buffed atlas chest drops. The art team also did an excellent job with Yeken. Well done PG :blush:


I just want to be able to recycle my crafting scrolls and either turn them into something useful or give them to those in need. Why are the forests of atlas continuing to be cut down just so that I can claim more unneeded scrolls? It is irresponsible and I would like to file a complaint to the Atlas Environmental Protection Agency :triumph:


I just burnt through all of my crafting scrolls (60 thousand) crafting one piece of gear (stupid wind sword). I had to intentionally hunt for glory for chests to claim crafting scrolls in the lines. So, no, lol.

Also, propssss to the buffed chests! Maybe I’ll be able to snag myself an extra rider within the next year or two. Though I’m not sure I know how to get them, seems like only a few come in every once in a while.

PS, does anyone have the exact stats/drop rates of those atlas chests?

Oh honey… :grimacing:
Take some of mine, PLEASE!


I would GLADLY.

It also seems a bit stupid that there’s a spot in the sequence that makes you spend 25 entire days or 200 crafts to get an elite. It also happened on the expensive gear for me :sob:


How about crafting scrolls are a choice node?

Scrolls or bullhorns :stuck_out_tongue:


That would just be unfair :laughing:

I don’t want to miss out on that! I largely agree with BGage here:


A large amount of players have over 1 million, so a choice node would be an excellent change. And if I could I would happily give you 1 million crafting scrolls.


yay invoker rider :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Using that many scrolls would have a crafting queue that lasted 25 days or cost 36k rubies to clear.

The problem with scrolls is, that it is an unneeded rss at some point. That point a lot players reached 2 years ago. Would be nice to be able trade those into Timers, Shards or Bullhorns in the future :sweat_smile:

@PGGalileo @RamenWithSoup


It is somewhat similar, but here are some differences.

Pearls are currently an infinitely obtainable resource with a finite possibility of usage.

Scrolls are an infinitely obtainable resources, with a theoretical infinite usage stream (at the cost a a lot of time or rubies).

Pearls have 2 sources (chests, and main game season lines)
Scrolls have 3 (chests, main game season lines, and and atlas season lines)


Btw has the badge cost increased for any branch or its the same?

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