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Hi, I have a suggestion that is related to a bug in Atlas. I need to thoroughly explain the situation because I have experienced this multiple times now and the support staff did not believe me. I will sketch the situation, what exactly is happening, and then make the suggestion.

Situation sketch:

  1. Primarch 1 sits in RZ
  2. Primarch 2 is incoming into RZ
  3. Primarch 2 reaches RZ, the primarch is shown as ‘on’ the castle rather than next to the other primarchs
  4. Primarch 1 is capable of attacking primarch 2 at this stage
  5. Primarch 1 attacks Primarch 2
  6. Then primarch 2 goes from ‘on’ the RZ to ‘at’ the castle, next to the other primarchs
  7. This is when Primarch 2 becomes capable of attacking primarch 1.
  8. Primarch 2 attacks Primarch 1
  9. Primarch 1 finishes his run BEFORE Primarch 2
  10. The attack run of Primarch 1 does not count, he does not kill any troops and does not gain glory. When he finishes his run, there is an eternal ‘loading circle’ at where the glory is normally displayed. This run is a ‘ghost run’ because it started while Primarch 2 was not officially ‘at’ the castles but rather ‘on’ it. The logs do NOT register this run at all.
  11. Primarch 2 finishes his run, killing Primarch 1

Effect: while primarch 1 was faster in attacking, and finished his run before primarch 2, he loses his troops because the system allowed it to attack and enter a ghost run that the system does not count or register.

Right now, the incoming primarch, or primarch 2 in the example, has a grey attack button as long as he is ‘on’ the castle. His attack button becomes available when the system has properly recognized him as ‘at’ the castle.

Suggestion 1. Make the same possible for the stationary primarch, or primarch 1 in the example. Make their attack button ‘grey’ as long as they click a primarch that is ‘on’ the castle rather than ‘at’ the castle. This will save a lot of people a lot of frustration and less experience of unfairness.

Suggestion 2. If suggestion 1 is technically impossible, please make it altogether impossible to click on a primarch that is ‘on’ the castle rather than ‘at’ the castle. The stationary Primarch can still preview the incoming primarch by going to the castle details, so nobody loses any advantage

  • Note that I have multiple occasions where this exact situation played out exactly as described above. No I do not have it on tape, it is however relatively simple to replicate this bug. Please do not bitch at the suggestion if you personally have not experienced this, it is still a bug and this suggestion could still fix the negative effects that this bug gives players
  • Note that support crew told me that the attack run of Primarch 1 is NOT registering in their logs at all. Meaning that even when a player is experiencing this bugs and asks for help, they will always be denied because the support crew has to rely on the logs which in this case do NOT record the first run of Primarch 1.
  • Note that I am aware that this only happens when you click the Primarch ‘too fast’. Yes, having patience and waiting for the incoming Primarch to properly become ‘at’ the castle will circumvent this bug. This however requires extensive playing to experience and understand, there must be countless of frustrated players that are doing their very best to pay attention and be as fast as possible (as is demanded in Atlas in every other scenario), and experience immense frustration due to this bug.

As always, thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

I think that tends to happen at busy places like Aligane or when a castle is under siege. I think it needs to be addressed but it’s probably tied to server load / performance.

Depending on your political stance in Atlas you might find it better to go find a t2/t3 castle off of NML or NZ to hit. I tend to look for ones that I can get through to the guards quickly.

Last night in three hits I finished my destroyer buff line doing the above. Way better than Aligane and its lag

Every occassion took place at random RZ castles where I was either alone, or in the last occasion with 1 other primarch. During all three occasions I was playing on a WiFi connection with a stable speed of 100Mbps download and 75 Mbps upload. I’m playing on a Galaxy S8.

So I don’t think it’s either a connection or a server load/performance based issue (unless you’re arguing that even remote Atlas areas don’t load at a playable rate, which I would tend to agree with). Either way whatever the cause is, it would be very nice if it could either get fixed altogether, or if that is impossible, a UI fix like suggested above would be implemented to reduce the negative effects.

Wasn’t arguing, just sharing my experience. I will say that last night even at the castle I was hitting my game froze solid to the point I got the pop up from the OS to “wait” or “close app”. Always a crappy feeling when you’re parked on a doorstep… LOL

It certainly wasn’t running well at the beginning and I haven’t done much today yet. Even trying to get into the castle primach list and such was slow.

Normally the only place I have ever had the issue you described was as I mentioned. Maybe last night was just everyone getting their primach boost immediately after the season started? Not making excuses, not saying it doesn’t need to be fixed, just was trying to offer an alternative solution based on incomplete information and assumptions on my part. Purely good intentions.

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Wasn’t taking offense don’t worry. Just wanted to clarify that this didn’t in fact happen in Aligane or areas that are under a heavy load. To get ready to farm Aligane I need to close and reopen my app like 3 times. Once to move my home, once to move my prim from that home to Aligane, and then once more to let the movement complete so that I’m able to attack. I’ve long since ran out of patience for that place haha.

You could just quickly go out of atlas and back in, and your primarch would have gone from ‘on’ the castle to near other primarchs allowing you to attack. Sure it takes a bit of time, but most times it’s the best option you got and I have only had this happen in Aligane and rare occasions on castle fights.

Based on your answer I can only conclude that you did not read the suggestion. This is suggestion is about the player with the stationary primarch, not the moving primarch.

Also, if it’s just bad phrasing and you mean to say that the player with the stationary primarch (primarch 1 in the example) should reload then there are multiple objections.

  1. Reloading Atlas takes time, sometimes it takes a lot of time
  2. This allows the moving primarch to attack first, making you lose the advantage of being the faster player.
  3. This puts you in the choice of choosing to attack after the other player has attacked you, giving you a smaller chance that you complete your run before he finishes his. OR to defend, but due to reloading Atlas you have a pretty big chance to miss the defense banner.
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My bad, didn’t read the 10th point properly. I’ll just delete that comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can attest this happens a bunch even in non-busy zones. I did some one on one glory swapping last season and the only way around this bug is either to move away and back to reset it the primarchs, or spam click in the castle screen rather than on the primarch itself. Either way the stationary primarch is at the disadvantage though as having to wait a minute or more to attack when the one arriving second can attack immediately.

I agree with the suggestions and think this delay should be looked into.


Select primarch 2, wait until it “moves” to be at castle, then click attack. I do this all the time.

Besides you typically want to wait a couple seconds before starting your run because no doubt others are targetting the incoming prime too. Let them get defended whilst you coast through.



If only this were a thing for me, and I agree it’s better than staying “stuck” but… It certainly takes enough time to get attacked without knowing it to get out and back in. I just did it and it took 13 seconds (out and back in) Then you still have to go into the castle details, load the primach list (assuming there are more than just a few there) and that all takes time.

Agreed, it doesn’t always work perfectly. Sometimes I get stuck on the load screen for 20 secs + only to end up with a “There was a problem with setting up atlas” message. If this happens, or takes too long to load I normally just move back to NZ and Off load my primarch, or let another prim Respawn over it (Which btw is still not fixed while under attack :man_shrugging:).

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