Atlas attack screen causing closing of game

So since the start of the event I have noticed atlas beasts attacks have failed. I touch the beast, nothing happens, I touch the screen anywhere and the attack dial briefly appears and then disappears. When I touch and hold the beast a second time the dial appears, I can slide finger across to attack button, it selects and then either the game closes, dragon flies for eternity and game closes, or invader base loads and then game closes.
When trying to do anything with the settings screen the game freezes, banners appear yet doesn’t recognise any clicking. Only fix to this is quit and reload game.
Can’t send ticket cause of above issue
I think this has happened to some before any clues how to fix.
Device is iPhone 11 running latest iOS
There was no problem during breeding, or during treasure hunt phase

Ok update. Fixed. Turn airplane mode on in atlas wait 10 minutes turn off

Mods please close thread as solved

Can we close the topic now mods?