Atlas attacks are not registering again

I thought this problem was fixed??? 5 attacks… no glory no ledger battles, nothing.

Also, I’m still having the “failed to load atlas” message… with a Google Pixel 2XL, I thought this was supposed to be fixed as well??? It’s not like I have a weak 3yr old phone or something.

Jeez. This game is getting lamer and lamer.


I was mad because I lost a defense and thought my troops were gone… :smiley: thanks PG


I had 2/5 register

Always lag issues in atlas. Same thing here 1 attack and 3 defends later. I’ve lost troops from being attacked yet the very first atlas attack I did It didn’t even register the attack. Very frustrating

A couple of the issues causing this have been resolved. We’re still working on the remaining ones to get battles back to running smoothly. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Not only are battles not counting, mine and poacher hits aren’t working. Not receiving gold or shards, and the poachers still show the full amount of hits remaining to clear it.

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Battle issues should now be resolved. Any attacks that went through would have credited the associated Glory as well.

Battle issues are far from resolved. Last 3 hours I attacked well over 20 times and 5 counted, all with 20+ minute delays. Numerous teammates experienced similar issues. And it’s not a server race issue or a shield deployment issue. 6 of my attacks were on castle guards with more than 500k present at the time the attack was initiated. 2 counted. Feel free to check my history the last 3 hours if it helps.

Plus there are still numerous loading screens that never load, can’t pull up castle view etc. It’s beyond frustrating.

Thanks PG-ET – still lots of errors though unfortunately… I don’t bother attacking anymore when there’s tons of action going on an individual island… just snipe here and there on less active islands and it seems to register.

The failed to load atlas error is just as bad now as it was before unfortunately.

Any chance we can soon get a fix to tabs in atlas constantly getting stuck in loading?

I confirm I too was attacked 4 times over an hour or so period and only 2 of 4 registered. There’s no register of the event whatsoever…it’s like we are dropping maximum resources to defend ourselves (tons of hammers & boosts) but getting nothing for it. Very frustrating guys.

We’re monitoring any additional issues with battles. If the battle does not appear in the battle log, the attacker or defender Primarch may have already been wiped out before the battle resolved. The outcome of battles that take place simultaneously in Atlas completes in the same way that all other battles in War Dragons resolve––based upon the first attacker to complete the battle. In other words, the server will take the result of the first player(s) to complete the battle and count that first even if more than one attack is taking place. This is the case because we do not block additional players from being able to attack the same target, so battle outcomes are taken solely on the timestamp of completion.

Yes, this mechanism is known. That is not the problem I am facing. Literally there were 4 isolated attacks on me over a 1 hour period (not with simultaneous attackers). Only 2 attacks registered in that hour. There was no other attacker that finished first…literally the other 2 attacks just seem like they didn’t ever happen.

Doesn’t account for my issues. There was a rusher that was attacked repeatedly for 30+ minutes that never lost any troops, for example. Attacks just didn’t count. There weren’t enough people to kill off 500k at a garrison by the time I finished my attack in another example. A few attacks showed up in the log with a corresponding drop in my troops at least 20 minutes after the attacks finished. These are not issues caused by other attackers finishing first, but server problems.

Although–it might be a good idea to add a message to the battle results screen that explicitly says (if applicable) that the target was already wiped out by another attacker so no troops were killed or lost, rather than leave it a mystery.

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Hi PG-ET — So I just attacked a taunter and supposedly killed 7500 troops (that’s what it said after the battle), but it didn’t register… I then attacked the same taunter with 2 defenders moments later and killed 3500 instead… in both battles I should have lost my 3000 troops. Obviously I didn’t lose anything and neither did they from the first attack… So clearly no one else attacked prior because the taunter was still there (I was the one that attacked it)… and I eventually ended up killing some of it’s troops… So something still is not right in the system.

Gotcha. We have some folks looking into this. It looks to be contention-related, but more investigation is needed.

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