Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown [Springveil Season]

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give a very rough breakdown of the cost for the new Atlas branches.

We have three categories: Offensive Gear, Defensive Gear and Primarch Buffs.
The first two offer five different branches for every element, the last one offers four branches for every Bronze Primarch type.

One Offensive Gear branch costs 150,000 Atlas Badges to complete.
The Elite Gaunlets are achieved after 75,750 Badges, the Elite Cuirass requires completion of the whole branch.

Atlas Badges come from Badge Chests, 10 Badge Chests can be purchased for 4k rubies.
You can also earn 33 Badge Chests for every 7500 glory earned.

The approximate drop of Badges from Badge Chests is roughly 954 1013 Badges per 10 chests.
(This is from a small sample of 4x 10 chest pulls from today).
EDIT: Updated droprates with more precise data from here.

So for 150,000 Badges you need around 1573 1485 Chests.
This costs around 357,000 338,000 glory or 629,000 594,000 rubies.

At a max glory ratio of 1.5 without any penalty from hitting players of a lower level or team rank and without wasting troops on poor or failed attacks and without factoring in primarch stats, you’re looking at around 238,000 225,000 troops lost to obtain the 357,000 338,000 glory.

Let’s say you can revive 100% of your troops when defending, and 66% of your troops when attacking.
You can also revive revived troops so this goes on and on.

For attacking, you will need to lose 100k 95k troops revived 3x or 85k 81k troops revived 6x.
For defending, you will need to lose 60k 57k troops revived 3x or 34k 33k troops revived 6x.

Caution: In practice it’s very much possible that you need to lose over 1 Million troops if your kill ratio is not perfect.
I would almost claim that it’s nearly impossible to complete a branch with the required troop losses I presented in theory!

Reminder: This only lets you complete one single branch and rewards you with two elite gear pieces along with tons of other rewards that can also be obtained outside of branches.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that there haven’t been any math errors from my side, this is only a very rough overview of the costs you could be looking at to complete one Atlas season branch.


Wow. That seems like some bullshit


Basically it costs $1800 for 1 out of the 10 gear options available. This is only for 2 pieces, you need $1800 per season for 4 seasons for a full set ($7200).

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If you’re lucky and live in the US :rofl:

And then you need shards to upgrade them…

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Thanks for the math. i figured it was gonna be a stupid cost, but thats even worse than i thought. Also seems ridiculous that a season that is touted as an atlas season of attacking peers for glory for prizes is a joke; whales can just outright purchase these items and not even need to fight. great logic pg.


Does anyone know if we get all of the shard needed to upgrade the gear to max in the prize branch? I think they should raise the amount of chest given. it feels impossible at this point and hopeless.

Thanks for the breakdown @MareZ! Was looking for something like this.


You get 440k of the primary and 240k of the secondary crafting material from completing one branch.

According to @mechengg 's chart, a legendary item should cost around 900k+ primary crafting materials and 700k+ secondary crafting materialy to max.

But you get two elite gear pieces from one branch so with all the materials from the branch you can probably get one of them to lvl4 :man_facepalming:

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1.2m was just a guess as to what it cost to do one piece of equipment, for primary resources.

According to my chart it looks more like 935k primary and 746k secondary. Ouch.

I’m still looking for more data points to fill up the chart though if you have any cough cough

EDIT: I have enough data points to accurately (R=1) trend most of this chart. Give me a few


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Perfect, i carried too many digits apparently. lol. That confirms everything for legendary.

These are elite, which is better than legendary, right? So it’s possible PG is going to make them cost more to upgrade, too, right? :expressionless:

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Am I reading this right? You would have to spend the equivalent of $1800 to get 2 pieces and then you would still have to level them up as they don’t come with the maxed out levels?

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Your math checks out given the assumptions:

629k rubies to max line/ 35k rubies a $100 pack is just shy of $1.8k


Its $300. Dont use rubies use troops

I guess the gear comes preleveled

The range of glory needed is actually between 454, 545 glory (only 75 sigils drop(critical 1 on d20 roll)) to 194,805 glory ( all 175 sigils dropped( god has blessed you))

The 5 star mission tokens roughly translate to either 26,000 egg tokens, or 47 days of timers

got a ballpark for the cost to max a full set then?

7.47M Primary
1.49M per each other biome

So total would be 13.44M shards all together. Without the cost of the initial crafting of gear in there which is more a scroll cost and less of a shard cost.

I‘m very sure it does not come preleveled but I‘m up for surprises (too lazy to actually find the quote for it but I read it before).

The quote of a higher potential power level means just that. It‘s not higher, the potential is higher so in case you upgrade it, it will exceed the power of legendary gear.

I don‘t think this is useful information. Players will always get drops somewhere around the average. Lucky and unlucky drops cancel each other out if the samply is big enough. It is big enough if you attempt to finish a whole branch.
I don‘t want to raise flase hopes with numbers that can be achieved by luck.

But if you have a larger sample than mine, please let me know the more exact average.

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either way im not bothering to put in effort at these prices, theyre ludicrous @pgEcho
event prizes would need to be massively buffed for this to even be in the range of feasible