Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown [Springveil Season]


Perfect, i carried too many digits apparently. lol. That confirms everything for legendary.


These are elite, which is better than legendary, right? So it’s possible PG is going to make them cost more to upgrade, too, right? :expressionless:


Am I reading this right? You would have to spend the equivalent of $1800 to get 2 pieces and then you would still have to level them up as they don’t come with the maxed out levels?


Your math checks out given the assumptions:

629k rubies to max line/ 35k rubies a $100 pack is just shy of $1.8k



Its $300. Dont use rubies use troops


I guess the gear comes preleveled

The range of glory needed is actually between 454, 545 glory (only 75 sigils drop(critical 1 on d20 roll)) to 194,805 glory ( all 175 sigils dropped( god has blessed you))

The 5 star mission tokens roughly translate to either 26,000 egg tokens, or 47 days of timers


got a ballpark for the cost to max a full set then?


7.47M Primary
1.49M per each other biome

So total would be 13.44M shards all together. Without the cost of the initial crafting of gear in there which is more a scroll cost and less of a shard cost.

Shards Need to Be Increased

I‘m very sure it does not come preleveled but I‘m up for surprises (too lazy to actually find the quote for it but I read it before).

The quote of a higher potential power level means just that. It‘s not higher, the potential is higher so in case you upgrade it, it will exceed the power of legendary gear.

I don‘t think this is useful information. Players will always get drops somewhere around the average. Lucky and unlucky drops cancel each other out if the samply is big enough. It is big enough if you attempt to finish a whole branch.
I don‘t want to raise flase hopes with numbers that can be achieved by luck.

But if you have a larger sample than mine, please let me know the more exact average.


either way im not bothering to put in effort at these prices, theyre ludicrous @pgEcho
event prizes would need to be massively buffed for this to even be in the range of feasible


Are Atlas seasons longer (duration wise) than our typical ‘non’ Atlas seasons?


Lets not forget what can be obtained naturally though the game here over time (a seasons length), AKA a ton of troops that you can sacrifice both in kingpin events as well as just randomly attacking and defending your land.

Also also, the other rewards are not bad if you count the rider shards that you get from some branches (87) along with 18M gold you can use to build troops with, and 7100 crafting scrolls so you can craft other gear to upgrade as well.

Comparing just the immediate purchase of only the gear and leaving out all other factors provides more of a sticker shock then taking everything into account here.


which is capped by hats and horns


I really wish Horn’s were some type of drop. Bronze chest ‘Atlas’ revamp please :slight_smile:


You can use the horns that you obtain in prize chests, or season prizes, or you can naturally let them accumulate over time or even just use this gold to increase your building infrastructure to help your team get ahead.



This is depressing. I am never getting that much glory nor do I even have that many troops. :no_mouth:


kind of the point, im a spender and these prices make me shudder


Let’s think about this in a smart manner. Not a spender manner, a smart spender manner.

Kingpin event = most glory. So let’s attempt to get some glory during a kingpin event shall we?

During kingpin event
1 troop = 2.65 glory

Max glory for kingpin event is 344k, max for a full season line is 375k. So if you do a full branch of the season in the kingpin event, it will cost you 141k troops but you get to count the prizes for both the season as well as the event.

So in addition to the season prizes listed above, you will get 203 keystones/their equivalent in chests, 16 rider shards, 353x 12hr speedups, 597x 1hr speedups, but the real kicker is that you will get a minimum of 201,000 of EACH biome shard. EACH. Plus bonuses. That is significant and the best way possible to obtain shards.

So by simply doing an event that you would already as a spender typically try and max out, you are just getting some free season prizes along with it which are significant for 4 days worth of points. Now i don’t have a clue $$ wise how much 141k troops would cost you to lose permanently, but i’m sure you can calculate that out.

Do this a few events in a season and you get prizes. Do you really need all prizes in the season? Absolutely not and i think its ridiculous to even try. Pick 1 that you like and go for it. As a spender, pick 1 and then once you are done go onto the second. Don’t go for all 14 :see_no_evil:


What about the Karnak flames and the 12$ double points thing, do those increase glory or just points.
I have been spending to get troops and I have 120k maybe 140k total over my time in atlas. Burning them all for 1 season branch seems a bit extreme


Can you please explain this in more detail? Ian it for gold to build and revive troops? Or for bullhorn packs? Both?
How long it would take to build the troops needed etc? Just want to understand the math so I can plan. Thanks Gox