Atlas Badges Not Deducting

I’ve already sent in a ticket to support, but I thought I’d post a message on the forums so others can be aware. Last night, I did a PVP attack and received some glory for which I was awarded 10 Springveil Badge Chests. I opened them for around 1600 badges and promptly redeemed them on my chosen gear path. However, the badges that I spent were not deducted from my total.

I initially thought this was just a server lag issue, so I tested it by tapping on the next prize. It actually let me claim it, so I quit Atlas and let it sit overnight hoping that it would straighten itself out. Today it still says that I have over 1600 badges and is prompting me to claim my next reward.

tl;dr, keep an eye on your badge totals, guys!

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Well smart of you to bring it up instead of exploiting this feature. I will not claim anything until this is confirmed to be deducting properly

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Of course, support has tagged my ticket with a “connectivity issue” tag and an automated response, so it’s taking approximately 5000 years to be looked at by an actual person. At least it feels that way :expressionless:

I don’t know if mine are deducting the right amounts but what I do know is that mine does run out sooner rather than later so maybe just a glitch for you. Good on you for not exploiting it though! :+1:

It’s very possible it was a one-off glitch only for me, but I wanted to make sure everyone was at least aware to keep an eye on their totals. I still haven’t heard back from support, but at this point I’m afraid to check to see if it fixed itself yet and risk claiming more fraudulent items :neutral_face:

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