Atlas Balance... Primes Vs Primes

To even out the balance in Atlas… why not make it Prime Vs Prime?

Right now a level 500 player with Billion+ defense base loaded with 150,000 troops can basically just crush whole teams alone… like Godzilla.

But if it were just Prime Vs Prime team Vs Team…
a D1 team could possibly have 150 Primes all Level 15 right now…

But a S1 team could too IF they put in the effort and spent the money to open slots.

So technically those two levels could fight each other on (equal footing in Atlas)

So my level 10 Prime vs a level 15 would lose as a baseline a greater % of troops.
If we’re 10 vs 10 An equal amount.

I think this would make it more of a war game than just some giant @$$ crushing 1000’s of people because he feels like it.

Bottom line take the level 500 vs 100-200-300 out of the equation to make it more tactical.
Give all teams a fighting chance.

Sure the team with 150 Primes will have the advantage but 2-3-4-5 teams could stand together against them. This would make allies more important rather than just cash is king.


So you want to try to manipulate primarch levels in order to try and achieve a desirable result though? What incentive would there be to level it then?

Sounds like he is saying he wants the mini game of attacking the base with to not be part of the equation. It’s just stats + troop math for primarch vs primarch? Or am I understanding incorrectly?

Please no…for the love of god no. That was the one thing that set this game apart from games like DOA and GOW…

He means putting everyone on equal ground when it comes to atlas, where your level in the core game wouldn’t have such a big impact on atlas.

Example, as of right now a lvl 500 can ask a team mate to defend him while he sits at an enemy base where the highest level is maybe 200 or 300. That team would have to rise their shield just to defend vs one guy because there is no way for them to take him down.

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But he mentioned tactics…if someone has their high level taunter on your base, there is generally another place that is now exposed.

Or could just cheat like Superman?

If this were to mirror wars, then trying to introduce equality makes no sense. It could and needs balance change just dont think this one makes sense.

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The way this game is design, it would be impossible to make it a perfectly balance strategy game.

I just wanted to give this some context: It’s stated like this is D1 vs S1.

How does this “context” matter for his point? He can argue on behalf on sapphire players while still be in diamond.

I argue for scaling down old tier dragon costs all the time even though if they did it i would not benefit…

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Context: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

It gives a setting for the arguement. And you would benefit, since you are in sapphire and likely a bit behind breeding wise.

I have see the one-man godzilla army. Three primes, all max level, all fully loaded with troops. If he has someone to defend his Seiger for him, the Rusher and Taunter can do the rest. It definitely cool when it works in your favor, but it sucks when it will literally take 50 people and 30x the number of troops that one guys has to take him down. And often, he has triggered all the shields and left before you take him out.

And that is one person.

I don;t think I agree with the OP’s solution, but I do agree that there is a problem… one Dread probably doesn’t see (or is not affected by–perhaps you see it, but you don’t experience it), since the defense bonuses from your infrastructure are very great, and, as you have said, there is no reason to attack up–no prizes available are worth the cost/risk. Also, going out on a limb, I’m going to guess the majority of Dread members have max primes and sizeable armies.

But the problem is there. It’s just not a problem for Dread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am well aware of the definition of “context”. I will judge his suggestion based on the suggestion itself. His personal level or team has no bearing on the merits of the proposal. Personally i dont agree with it.

As for my personal breeding progress you are incorrect. I have bred all obsidian’s so no my support for the idea of scaling down token costs for older tiers as new ones are released does not effect me. Well not yet… I suppose my breeding progression will slow considerably.

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Should I go back and find all the times I said something and your response was “But Dread…”?

We are on the Harbringer Tier

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The basic issue is not WHAT someone has from what I have seen but WHO they use it on. I am guessing HeWhoMustNotBeNamed that we are referring to, only uses it only the smaller/lower ranked teams. That is where a lot of the problems arise from. Through personal choice AND lack of balance, it is not only allowed but possibly the most effective path, in the short term at least. I am hoping in the future there are balance changes to reduce these kind of incursions and maximize rewards for playing at a certain level.

Haha you could if you like. But for his team/level he is is the middle of the pact. This is hardly a suggestion that would purely benefit or harm his teams standings. I don’t see this “context” you tried to add have any bearing on this proposal. Whereas when i have attacked you for making certain suggestions in the past it was from a standpoint of being the one who would benefit most (as being the top team). Either way it is a suggestion i dont support nor do you by the sounds of it.

Yes, i have bred all obsidian’s. Meaning if they scaled their egg token requirements back now that Harbringer’s are out i would not benefit. Yet i still will argue that they should do just that.

I don’t understand. There wouldn’t be attacks? Instead it’s a pure mathematical exercise? How does that make it more tactical? I agree you’ve identified an issue, but equation battles are an awful way to address it. Rather incentives have to be restructured to strongly encourage like to battle like.

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Well his TEAM is not middle of the pact, I know NMO has traditionally struggled with this concept but I will try and help as best I can.

There is only so much I can do to help you lack of comprehension to the meaning of context and its application here.

Did you ever have any empirical evidence of this? This sounds a lot like an opinion touted as fact. Most of your points provided very little data or logic.

But given your relatively new situation this WOULD start to affect you, all variables considered.

But that would mean you would have to actually work for it…


and @Panda – I’m not blaming or faulting Dread for anything here. I’m just saying that being on the receiving end of this is no fun at all–you get to watch your troops die and your shields go up as you attack and lose far more than you kill–even when you’re being smart. The level of the base and the level of the prime are such that sub-300 players are virtually irrelevant except as distractions to let another “big” get a successful attack in.

I don’t think one-man armies were the intent of Atlas.

But, as has been said here and elsewhere, why behave any differently? The rewards are actually better for attacking down, and the risks are far smaller.

Don’t worry, I blame and fault them all the time.

I still think there needs to be a bit of a redirect as to WHO you attack and hopefully the troop proposal will help alleviate that to some degree as well.

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