Atlas Balance... Primes Vs Primes



Well, I do blame them for plenty. Just not this time. :stuck_out_tongue:


It certainly doesn’t have the elegant simplicity of level 15 > level 10 so let’s hit calculate and be done with it…


Umm? Panda for the most part I agree with the things you say concerning the game…

However, you’re pretty much a D$&@

What does my level or the team I’m on having anything to do with the idea of trying to balance Atlas?
And WTF does anyone else have to do with me?
I’ve NEVER cheated so any comments about other players are just stupid.

Not sure why any of your comments haven’t been flagged as irrelevant to the topic… but I could take a few guesses :unamused:.

Anything that doesn’t directly benefit you is a non starter. You don’t want balance it’s cool I get it.
Because, well god forbid if there was some kind of balance you might actually have to play the game.


It gives the source of the statement. You said that I don’t want something and you are basing it on being a “non starter”. So the source of any statement has to be taken into account. You used S1 vs D1 to describe things and I was simply saying that this was D1 vs D1

Once again, this goes back to the source. You are talking about something that affects players but teams as well. Your team’s former leader, who was touted as being a man of the people for a long time among other things, was caught and banned for blatantly cheating. So, you said it, but you are ultimately tied to your team and while saying cash is king, there was a good amount of advancement they made that was not cash based.

They are related to this topic as they are just providing information on the source of the post. As far as your guesses, if you have any I would love to hear them as well.

This is an opinion, not a fact. I do think there should be balance, I just don’t agree with your idea and the way it was proposed.

I do play the game and, by most metrics I play it better than you do but that is not really the point. Also, balance of the game to my time spent is a mis-correlation as they are not dependent on one another. You say something is not balanced, but what you really mean to say…it is not equal. Which I agree is true, nothing in this game, or life for the most part is equal.


WTF does anyone else have to do with me?

I didn’t propose this idea representing RR I didn’t consult with them or anyone else.
What my former team leader did or didn’t do has 0 to do with me!

Unless you’re going to take full responsibility for every asshole thing Dreads has ever done to anyone ever as your personal responsibility??? :unamused:

There is a balance issue…
Atlas is a war game…
I was trying to come up with a way to balance it in a way even brand new teams to Atlas had some sort of chance. Because, that’s a big issue!

Currently it’s teams that have been in Atlas for a while have huge benefits… when they add new teams not only is there a learning curve but then they have some asshole with 150,000 troops with a level 15 Taunter to contend with destroying everything they have done or did so over weeks, in a matter of minutes.

I can totally understand why you want 0 competition.
But honestly it’s boring as hell or worse stupid to even play if there is no way to “win”. It becomes totally pointless. That doesn’t drive revenue or interest in the game and that’s bad for business.


Because you are not the only one playing that game. This game is very social and has a lot of player interaction.

True, but you are still on that team so, where you are at in the Atlas and the game is affected by what your team is doing and by what they have done in the past.

I am associated with it whether I want to or not, that is part of what being a team is. Although, I highly enjoy them so I am satisfied at least.

Never said there was not one, just this solution made no sense

Which is good, but doesnt mean that I have to agree with it or that it makes sense.

Your team has had Atlas for a while too, and not all the teams that do have huge benefits. In fact, some of those teams dont even exist.

I wouldn’t know, my Taunter is level 1

Once again…we can go back to the opinion vs fact thing.

Depends on what you consider winning.

I think there is a balance issue and it hopefully is being addressed ASAP, just for this arguments sake, Im not the one attacking all the level 2 land so…your anger might be misplaced a bit.

I just dont think distilling battles down to the level of the primarchs makes sense as a mechanic.


I can say that Dread has never done this to my team. Maybe they have done it to others, but there are definitely other teams more guilty of this than Dread.

I’m not a Dread fanboi or wannabe. They do their thing. They do what is good for Dread. And they do it well.

That Atlas is not designed (for now) re offer the incentives necessary for teams to attack up (or at least equal) is a problem with Atlas, not with Dread.

They don’t need me defending them, and I’m not really. I’m say only that given the circumstances, we all would have done the same thing if we were thinking about it correctly. Granted, we did not all have the opportunity, but if we had, we would have done the same thing.

Dread is not the problem. How Atlas rewards attacking is the problem.


So since I’m on a certain team everything everyone has done in the past by other players is my fault?

You brought up information about some shit that literally has 0 to do with me or the point I was trying to make…
Like you want to call me a cheater or some shit because I happened to be on a team where someone else did??
Wonder how the whole account sharing thing is going to effect teams when they start banning folks for actually doing that? :unamused:

Your goal was to attack me personally which has no basis with the OP.
If you don’t like the idea cool but all that other shit was uncalled for, pointless and petty. But you are who you are so it’s to be expected.

I never said it was Dread doing that at all never mentioned any team because that’s pointless who did it it shouldn’t be part of the game that was the whole point of trying to figure that issue out.

If you can agree to attack the idea and not me I can agree to let the shit go. It may not have been the perfect solution but from the poll posted… it’s not unpopular either!


I agree with the 100%. Atlas should demotivate the strong from preying upon the weak (which is demoralizing for the weaker and shouldn’t be fun for normal people), and it should incentivize wanting to be number one. I’m not sure how… Glory, Gold, Troops, something unique… something should make it “worth it” for the powerful to go full throttle against each other to claim the crown.

Maybe part of that could be any battle that involves more than 1 million troops killed by one team against one team the “victor” gets maybe 65% of troops instantly revived and the loser gets 30% back for nothing. I don’t think the loser should walk away completely empty-handed. After all, they did take a big risk.

But that would only be a piece of it. When you think of the time and money at risk in Atlas, it vastly exceeds even a whole season… So, the prize needs to be equal to the risk.

I don’t know what that looks like right now. But it is something I have put a little thought into.

I think the first step is the easiest—demotivate attacking down. Sure, you can still win, but you win less and it costs you more. Make it so it’s not really worth it unless the stronger is just DESPERATE for glory or XP or something.

The hard part is convincing those with huge standing armies that it’s worth fighting each other.


Thank you for staying on the topic.
At least someone is! @SavageAFforPG


Read the thread about the coming Atlas update. Should alleviate some concerns.


Being on a certain team just means you have an association to it, it isnt really a fault but you are inherently a part of what it does.

I was saying that is just the source of the information. Most of what I say becomes well Dread thinks…thats just the way comes off I think

I never said you were a cheater and I doubt you are. I was simply saying RainbowRoom had a lot and benefited from it. Overall it becomes the argument of is it team vs team or individual vs individual. They are apples and oranges. If you want to compare individuals then a lot of what you said does not apply to me, but it seems to be about what teams do. You talked about teams, so I went with something that happened with your team.

That seems like a question best answered by PG as it is their game and their TOS.

If attack is to point out flaws I see…then perhaps

The irony in these two being used consecutively is not lost :smiley:

I agree…but that doesnt make your solution suddenly make sense.

There are plenty of things that are bad ideas that are popular. Popularity is not always the best metric, if it was decided by poll that murder was no longer a crime would that suddenly make it a good idea? Probably not.

Overall, by your new parameters, what if a level 500 with everything just never levels their primarch? Wouldnt they just be able to kill everything because it is now done by primarch level?

I think the sentiment makes sense just not the solution.


My thought process was basically since they are going to introduce new Primes… which have been alluded too for a long time… Atlas may evolve into something different. Primes Vs Primes… in some different kind of battle… instead of Dragon Vs Bases… maybe dragons Vs Dragons?
how a battle played out would have to change not sure how it would look but to me Atlas seems more like the game “Risk”

With a lot more additional factors but the basis is the same… each team has armies but the major deciding factor isn’t Godzilla but actual numerical force.

Those who conquer the most land with the most valuable bonuses get more troops.
However, teams can work against each other or together in Risk.

Removing the Godzilla factor (15 Taunter with 150,000 troops by a 500+) there’s no real way to stop that. And the factor that makes it unstoppable is that 500+ base.

So that’s why I proposed a way to “level” the field so to speak… where a decent player with a level 15 Destroyer could actually attack a 15 Taunter and do something to it other than implode! Getting 1-10% on a 500+ base.

So in a sense everyone would have tools to fight each other and some will have better ones and more of them and more allies ect but that takes time dedication and skill. Not just a $100K base or whatever it costs!

I’d like to see skill and tactics be the determining factor in Atlas battles not $$$$$.


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