Atlas balanceAgain

Oooooo…. Top ta must be so proud to conquer a 260+ teams castle…

Lol I am proud


Of course you are dear!

It’s not balance, there just needs to be a way to separate teams by strength. Many ideas have been ssuggested.


clicks topic expecting to find a discussion or proposal for Atlas balance/change

Oh, it’s a call out thread.

There are lots of threads and discussion on this topic. It is highly subjective when presented the way that most choose to and rapidly devolves. A current thread has deteriorated into the finger pointing you have just done already so you will find the responses you seek by the leaders of that TA there.

Do you have any ideas for how to improve Atlas? Otherwise, @moderators a duplicate call out thread.


Oooooo… another call out thread /s

PG told me that they didn’t want to restrict the top teams and ta in any way further, because they want an open pvp in atlas, but again atlas is anything but open, maybe if the game mechanics actually weren’t so outdated maybe it could be closer to fairly balanced and open who knows, but how it is atm top ta and thier followers are really the only ones who are allowed to play the game freely and open, everyone else waits in line to be hit.

Like one massively out dated thing is glory scaling both the 100 percent amount and also the team power ranking.

Like tell me this why can a player who has 36 maxed towers get 100 percent glory on a player who has 15 maxed towers, but like a player who has 15-30 max towers can’t get maxed glory when hitting a base that has 21 less maxed towers then themselves? It’s a huge advantage when people with maxed loaded bases hitting down, especially when you have a team with lots of these maxed loaded bases


Why not yet another call out thread, combined with an atlas thread……?

Ideas to improve atlas???
There have been many hundreds of ideas hashed out dozens to hundreds(?) of times … yet little to no change has been seen.
I have not another to add to the mess…. I mean mix🤣
What’s the point other than to keep us busy with a meager hope of having PG actually accomplish something…. Which ,as seen above, they don’t want to. At all.

So top ta continues to wreck teams and run over exponentially smaller teams. Not even a remote appearance of 5ta vs 5ta anymore…… or not coordinating attacks ……. Haha. What a joke that was​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Looking forward to a new game being released June 1st😃

I wonder how that top ta and there sad ducklings are going to enjoy playing with them selves?:joy:

The unfortunate reality of collateral damage and the use of “human shields”. Enemy diamond team quarry runs off hiding 9 bubbles deep. Their babies get steamrolled. #eliminatepassage


Looking forward to what exactly? They’ve said nothing, shown nothing, explained nothing. I would love a reason to stick around but nothing about the current state of this game entices me to stay.
Why the mystery and suspense. Just post something other than suspense and smoke for a change. That would be great. If they are worried about complaints then tag the moderators to delete any discussion about it…but give us more details

I feel like S/He is referring to another game, not something happening here in WD.

I agree with Nidogod, It seems just another call out thread.
Thank you all :hugs: