Atlas bank transfers broken

New (very old?) atlas bank bug: typing in transfer amount and clicking transfer makes window close and player list screen freeze. Using slider for transfer amount works. There was a bug like this a looooong time ago.


I am unable to reproduce this on Android 9 on my Samsung tablet. Running Apple?

Yes - 13.1. Can’t remember for sure, but might have started post-update (from 12.x).

If you could provide a video or screenshot to our support team in a ticket, that would be super helpful!

Sent. Ticket no. 1791583

Edit: not yet. Need to figure out how to make video smaller.

Edit 2: looks like it finally went through. If not I’ll try again.

Did you get your issue resolved? I seem to be having this same problem.

My entire team is having this identical problem. Mostly iPhones.

I have one player who is locked out of bank transfers. Can deposit but can’t withdraw. Support is working through a lot of possible fixes. No fix yet though.

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I did not. Typing in amount is still broken. Using slider to input number works. My team’s infra is a mess - people are getting dropped from roles, and we’ve lost random levels on buildings.


This is exactly what I reported the other day in another post. Also iPhone with iOS 13.1

still having that problem.
also putting troups on a primarch frezes the screen :roll_eyes:

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