Atlas banks dropped to level 1, what is up?


Three of our Atlas banks got dropped to level 1! That is a lot of our gold and now its gone. I don’t think it would be for cheating or all banks would be taken down, right? And we do not cheat. Any other teams have this happen?


they did send an email out stating some teams will have their infrastructures roll back because it was built by hacked rubies…so you many not cheat, but can you guaranteed all 50 of yall didn’t cheat? :eyes:


Last night was rollback night for infrastructure upgraded by ill gotten means (hacks).

Looks like someone (or multiple) were cheating pretty hard if they were rolled back all the way to 1


Previous players of cheated on this team. Now OP’s team has to function without those cheats. OP is livid the consequences of said cheats are happening. Any other teams have cheaters too?


Could it be previous owners of the castles??


How long have you owned the castle for? Just curious, and when did you get the upgrades done?

I think they specifically indicated that this would only be for teams who still owned the ill gotten infrastructure meaning that someone on your current team would have been the ones who assisted in obtaining the infrastructure.


Now two are back at previous levels and only 1 is at level 1 now. It has been owned 74 days. Guess I will wait and see if it gets restored.


Pretty hard is not true, at least not in our case last rollback.

(attention: rant / complain and whining is starting now :wink: )

Our team was hit by the rollback the last time (few weeks ago). This due to a member that was on our team for approximately 2 days. As soon as we have identified this member as a cheater, we did kick him (we, not PG). A week later, PG did reset his/her account (due to our message for investigation). Never the less, one of our Castles was reset from HQ and Bank level 10 to 1. So quite harsh for “only” 2 millions ill-gotten gold).

Was does upset me is that we, as a team (so user), have to “play police” and monitor our members. And even if we do the job that PG should do, we have been getting hit (in a inappropriate way). As all the other stats that we have access to, have showed that this player wasn’t participating. Thefore overall impact he had on the game/economy was minimal (and therefore our gain as well).

Again, I’m all for banning cheaters and teams that are supporting them, don’t get me wrong. It’s one of the largest issues we currently have. And I have to admit, our team does not know what he was doing / impacting in the regular game.
But we hadn’t a war during his presence. Ledger on Atlas did show no attacks or defenses, and we did not conquer any castle during this perdiod. And the stats from the Troop Building event did also show 0, so no advantage over other teams through him.

Unfortunately, even after investigation, PG did stick with the initial rollback. And this has lead to 2 of our top spenders (not whales, but big spenders) have left, and the rest is almost E2P/F2P. In the last breeding event, only 3 packs have been purchased and in the current feeding event 1 or 2. In the past we always had at least 25 packs.

(end of rant)

So my point is just, that PG, even if the cheating “was minimal”, you will get hit by the rollback hammer.
Which is good and correct, but frustrating when it hits you.


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