Atlas base layout

Found a thread that closed 4 days ago from inactivity, but just had to ask…what in the hell is wrong with the base design? :man_facepalming:t2:. Seriously, not even the tower spacing and the annoying pedestals some towers sit on, but why is there a bridge and invisible force field before the middle long that blocks spells. Makes for a great experience defended. There hope in this changing, or this all just a waste of time? :slightly_smiling_face:.

  • Rag

I HATE that bridge!


Old thread for reference. Some nice specific feedback there. My view on conforming the map (and the bridge) hasn’t changed from what I wrote there.


Haha fair enough. Just making sure the issue isn’t “closed” like the thread and forgotten. As of now, little to no interest in attacking in atlas cause of this. Idk how y’all stomached this for so long :joy:.

Definitely not closed or forgotten. Myself and other employee-players get to experience these pain points firsthand on a daily basis too. Though I just switched to leveling a hunter (from a sorcerer) so I’ll get a little relief from some issues for now. Thanks for making sure these issue are still on the radar.

EDIT: Update from our art team: “We’re currently working on geometry-based collision for that level, which should improve things substantially.”


@RedRaidingHood Do you have the bridge because sorcerers can’t destroy it with basic attacks right now, or is there more to it?

Personally, I can still destroy the bridge from the previous island, but when turning to face the long and shoot sand from hau, a graphic lights up and aborsbs the attack while I get pelted with supershots. Takes 1-2 hits to break through whatever it is, then finally engage the towers. Happened with sand, crumble, and thunderbolt :man_shrugging:t2:.

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Bridge destroyed from the short long before arriving, still eats the spell as though the bridge is there. For reference.

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Oh yeah, that’s the most annoying issue imo. I thought you were referring to the second bridge / overpass at the end of that long island. (In good news, that was fixed in 3.90 [Dec release]).

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Exactly what Rag said. Unless you hit it just right, hunters also have issues destroying it. It’s really annoying to have to destroy the environment in order to hit the actual base.

Oh isn’t that one attached to the pillar just to the left? I usually kill it on the way by and i don’t have problems like this unless i leave it up

Could we maybe have threats auto-close after 3 months and not just 1 @PGDave ?
Most problems don‘t get solved in a month and the input will be forgotten if we don‘t dig it out and link it like @Spooky did.

that is actually new. it use to be normal bases. Also you can destroy that bridge before you even round the corner… but it does suck when you forget too.

I killed it from the short, was an open hole upon arrival. Haven’t tried shooting a regular shot at it from the turn to see if it dispels whatever glitch is making it act like it’s still there till I face it, but if I’m tryna dodge mages and flaks defended, I’d prefer not to alter my timing to deal with an invisible bridge that’s already destroyed. Anyway, PGDave said it’s been addressed in the December update, so here’s hoping .

Almost better that the thread gets bumps or recreated (bumping is easier, I’ll admit). I don’t feel strongly about the cutoff, but it might be worth discussing in General Discussion.

You can hit that wall before the long island whilst turning in :smiley:

The thing is yes you can hit the destructible wall from the previous group of towers but there’s still an invisible wall even after destroying it that prevents shooting normal fire or spells at the middle island until after the dragon has fully rounded the turn. It’s not as bad as the previous invisible wall but it’s still a problem. You can learn to wait longer on Atlas bases but this results in getting hit. A lot. Which is very bad for Hau vs lv50+ towers lol


My favorite part is when AA spell blows up in your face!
:joy::joy::joy: when crashes into the invisible wall!
It’s a really cool explosion! Sucks in the game but really fun!

Also, had a windwall going when I rounded that corner one times and it flung the cannon balls directly at me!
I was like holy crap! Because, it looked like they were coming through the screen into my face!

Kind of think that made it more interactive honestly! :grin::joy::joy:


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