Atlas Bazaar Cards

Do we have a 1/9 chance of getting any card? Or do 4 and 5 star cards have a lower chance then 1/9?

Lower…pretty sure it is weighted 1000 times more often for haste if it is in there lol.

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… *sobs internally

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Ouch. Had that happen to me last week when I needed the 5-star ice shards.

The higher the rarity (stars), the harder it is to obtain it. But you can be lucky and obtain a higher star item before obtaining a lower star item. Use your chances, you have nothing to lose.

My suggestion:

  1. Save your rubies, don’t spend them on cards.
  2. Save your keystones until you have 250.
  3. Wait for a nice card draw that offers atleast 10 rider shards, atleast 500 crafting scrolls or atleast 4 bullhorns (depending on what you desire the most).
  4. Open your first card for free (everyday), then open one card after the other until you have your desired item(s).
  5. Stop right there, no need to waste more keystones when you got lucky. Hopefully you didn’t have to open all 9, there’s a good chance you don’t have to.
  6. Never use the “Buy All” option, it’s simply a guarantee to waste all of your keystones at once without the chance of saving any. You don’t get a discount using the “Buy All” with keystones, only rubies get a discount).
  7. Start saving keystones again until you have atleast 250.

Your chances of getting a card is roughly this on observed data

50-60% chance of a 1 star
25% of a 2 star
17-18% of a 3 star
4-6% for a 4 star
and 3-4% for a 5 star


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