Atlas: Beginner/Basic Posters for Line Chats


If you haven’t already read my Atlas Beginner guides, certainly start there. Here are some links to information:

More in depth information:

Math things:

Note: following is a set of images I designed for the “Atlas Basics” Line chat my alliance is hosting. These came at their questions and requests. If you have requests, post them and I’ll do my best. The goal is to get all the information out there in a visual way. If you post these I highly suggest you do so in various albums as to no overwhelm your team.

Here we go…

First Thing's First


Primarchs & Troops



Gold & Invader

Riders & Gear


Did You Know - Tips/Reminders

Raiding other peoples barracks
Please help new ppl in Atlas and make life easier for moderators
Atlas Platinum Expansion

Can we add the rules on how to get Atlas access as well as how to lose it. It seems many had been asking about this.


Great job posting this here for those who can’t get into the Line chat room. :+1:


To get atlas now that all of plat has it:
Join a team with atlas to get atlas.

To lose atlas:
A. Cheat
B. Go to a team that doesn’t have atlas.


Yeah I know it. Just wanted to included in the Reds Atlas FAQs for those who are new or are wondering. So that we could link it to them.


Added under DYK


Added this DYK:


butbutbut, how do I enter Atlas?




Joke :clown_face::joy::joy:


Hoping some kind folks in the community can help with a few questions (given the 5 minute tutorial - 3 minutes sans crashes - was garbage). Don;t know if this is the right thread to post on for this, so if not, please let me know:

1.) Although my team is diligently amassing troops, does it make sense for a few of the higher levels to pick some fights and gain glory to update their prims, so that they will have better ones for when we can get land?

2.) If you attach a prim at a castle in no-mans land and there a taunter there, do you automatically go to the taunter as you would for an owned castle?

3.) When gear is crafted, is it completely random what quality (common, rare, epic, legendary) you get? If so, is the recommendation to scrap (if it can be scrapped) the low level stuff and not to bother leveling it?

Thanks in advance!

  1. depends on how active your team is. If this was asked before elite existed I would have said no, but now that it exists, wouldn’t hurt you too much. Just understand that whatever troops you do lose, you have that much fewer troops to attack and defend castles for the expansion.

  2. I think so, not sure.

  3. Don’t bother scrapping armor, not even worth the time to do, but you are correct in thinking not to level the lower stuff. Clothe your rider first, then keep on working at 2 pieces of armor at a time.

  1. if they purchase atlas elite, and build troops on an hourly rate, and sacrifice timers to rush troops out, then yes, go level up your primarches

2, yes, taunter still taunt

3, I’m a neat freak, so every time a common is crafted, I scrap, just to keep the storage clean. Some people only save legendary :man_shrugging:


I wouldn’t scrap it, in case they end up giving us something back for it (such as with runes and dust). However correct, just level legendary.


The land types share tilesets for some wind and dark. Meaning the sand looking ones can be wind or dark, and the dark ones with green borders can also be wind or dark.


That is only original beta land though, right? I haven’t seen that cross over anywhere outside the original beta lands.


New area too unforunately


Shoot me a Pm of where you’re seeing this?


Don’t scrap! It may come in handy down the track :wink:


Scrap as in salvage, right? :t_rex:


It’s pretty much all new area has this issue.