Atlas: Beginner/Basic Posters for Line Chats


Yeah we spoke about this in Pm. Similar issues with land element occurred last rollout, but the elements became more consistent when it released. I suppose let’s wait and see





Probably the most informative poster yet, and the most important.




Is this problem still exists


even if the attacker bring 7000 troop and lose to my 1500 troop with destroy percentage of 1% the base, is 5000 troop is the most possible lost for them?


How to get an atlas rider?


You need to earn 5 of the red vaguely pentagon-ishly shaped (if memory serves) rider shards from Atlas events to hire one. Then you will need even more of those same rider shards in future Atlas events to level it up once you have earned sufficent glory to do so.


So I assume its during an atlas season? Or it can be anytime?


I think you can hire them any time, provided you have the rss to do so.




Just wanna day, these are AWESOME. All of em. Definitely helps all us Atlas noobs be successful, each in our own way :smiling_imp::+1::muscle:


Oooo im so excited! Where can i hire them? Thank you so much for the info!:laughing:


Are you on iOS or Android? They recently changed the User Interface on Android devices so the hiring of riders might be different than what I have on iOS…


IOS yessssssss😄



Great info…


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